Top 15 Best Young Thug Guest Verses Of All Time
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Ranking the Top 15 Best Young Thug Guest Verses of All Time

When Young Thug broke onto the rap scene in 2013 off the strength of the fantastic 1017 Thug and songs like “Stoner” and “Danny Glover”, he was suddenly the most exciting artist rapping in the game.

Over the past decade, Thugga’s work ethic has been unstoppable. The Atlanta rapper has dropped a slew of mixtapes and albums, as well as appeared on countless features for artists ranging from Drake and Travis Scott to Camila Cabello and Jamie xx. Every time rap fans saw his name as a featured artist on a track, they knew they were in for a treat – it’s what cemented Young Thug as one of the best rappers of the 2010s .

From his features for Travis Scott and Drake, to T.I.’s “About the Money” to Gucci Mane’s “Guwop Home,” here are the top 15 best Young Thug guest verses of all time.

15. Meek Mill ft. 21 Savage & Young Thug – “Offended”

Ranking Meek Mill First Week Album Sales Dc4

Released: October 27, 2016

Album: DC4

Producer: CuBeatz, Murda Beatz & OZ

Molly, my cup look like bath salt
And I'm too high horsed for asphalt
Therefore I'm in clouds from day to dark
They say that I changed, it's the cash fault
Pay everybody like a cash cow
I switch through the lanes like a NASCAR
The Rollie stainless, stainless
We young and rich and we dangerous
I'm at Piccadilly's with your missus, nigga
And the weed stinking like a chitlin, nigga
The money long like a Philly, nigga
Make me catch you slipping then it's Christmas, nigga
The bulletproof can take a missile, nigga
I got Benji on me and he Crippin' nigga
I done wrapped the benji in the city, ho
I done wrapped the Bentley in the bity, nigga
Put a swimming pool in the living room
How I'm living, nigga, I ain't swimming, nigga
Only thing that me and Michael Phelps
Got in common is that we winning nigga
Rock star lifestyle
Your hoe's going wild

14. Travis Scott ft. Young Thug & PartyNextDoor – “Nothing But Net”

Travis Nothing But

Released: January 27, 2015

Album: N/A

Producer: TM88, Southside & Boi-1da

ABC, about to cum, she like children on her tongue
I come red like I'm a nun (Woo)
Inhalin' kush with my lungs (Woo)
Covered in green like a fuckin' iguana
End of the day, I'm the mo'fuckin' boss, like the fuckin' your honor
I got Travis Scott inside the spot, and he leanin' like a mothafucka
I feed bitches rocks and load the Glocks
And now she feinin' like a mothafucka
Her ass fat so she teasin' like a mothafucka
Booty call, nigga, greedier than a mothafucka
Hey, I wanna eat the little mothafucka
Icy water, Fiji, mothafucka
Let's get it

13. Jeremih ft. Young Thug, Chance the Rapper & The Weeknd – “Pass Dat (Remix)”

Top 15 Best Young Thug Guest Verses Of All Time Jeremih

Released: August 19, 2016

Album: Late Nights: The Album

Producer: Retro Future

I'm bickin', I'm back, I'm boolin', I'm drinkin' some grapes
I hopped out the Balmain and then I put on some Bape
Damn you lit, yeah
Big bro you lit, yeah-yeah
My niggas was hungry, I fed 'em, put crabs on they plate
The Frenchie too little, need a big dog to feed us some steaks
I'm for real, so for real about this
I'm so for real, yeah-yeah

12. The Weeknd ft. Young Thug & A$AP Rocky – “Reminder (Remix)”

Top 15 Best Young Thug Guest Verses Of All Time Weeknd

Released: August 3, 2017

Album: Starboy

Producer: Cirkut, Doc McKinney & Mano

I used to pray to hear my songs on the radio
Growin' up, my folk was on, ain't have to kick a door
Keep sixty bitches backstage, at like every show
Ain’t no more Hanes on my balls, these are Kenneth Cole
All these squares in my pictures, yeah, we croppin' those
Let lil' shawty lick my dick, I had my boxers on
Everybody 'round me poppin, bitch, we kettle corn
Fly the PJ on the e-way with the P1
Carat and a half drippin' on my neck, son (Ho-oh-oh-oh)
Take a bubble bath with a rapper's baby mama (Oh, na-na-na-na-na)
Young dirty nigga rockin' water like a swamp (Woah-woah-oh-oh)
Yeah, I just fucked her last night, didn't tell her my name (Na-na-na-na-na-na)
All these hip-hop rappers down to be Drake (Na-na)
All my double cups purple like the soul plane (Na-na-na-na-na)
Diamonds on me loud, got you silent (Hoo-ayy)
Got her bouncin' on this dick like hydraulics

11. Gucci Mane ft. Young Thug – “Guwop Home”

Ranking Gucci Mane First Week Album Sales Everybody

Released: July 13, 2016

Album: Everybody Looking

Producer: Zaytoven & Mike WiLL Made-It

My teeth white like a toilet tissue
Stop the cappin', boy you know you miss her
We hit the lobby then we saw you kiss her
Lil' mama crazy she gon' try to kill you
I got the weed, bring the molly with you
I got the syrup, bring the Jolly Ranchers
You talk to 12 we gon' off your body
You tripping boy you need some knowledge in you
Boss man from the 1248
For the clan, nigga 12, 40 plays
Living good, everyday my birthday
Pockets full of money, Master P, ay
National bid day
Free the Wop nigga, National Siblings Day
Call the dentist day
Pull up to the public, come and see the bae
Run it up to the top
Get out and ran it back to the top
Flood your ear, your neck, your wrist, your fingers
And put it all on rocks
Say Guwop home and yeah it’s official, grab some tissues
What's wrong with you?

10. Chance the Rapper ft. Young Thug & Lil Yachty – “Mixtape”

100 Most Streamed Hip Hop Albums Of All Time Chance

Released: May 13, 2016

Album: Coloring Book

Producer: CBMIX & Stix

Bad little mama, she gettin' it Obama
She sting like a bumblebee, hot as the sauna
She shine like a Rollie, got that from her momma
Can't see me, can't be me, I'm ridin' like a panda
That booty gon' roll and it's outta control
And these bitches gon' fuck off respect and that loyalty
All my bitches lovin' me and they spoil me
Rub me down with that lotion, babe, oil me
Drinking Actavis, baby, I'm slowin' me
In that choppa I see your perimeter
Change the culture, 'cause my ring is a solar
Wait one minute, I told you
Yeah, I would like to know you
Yeah, you lucky like clovers
Yeah, the clothes no good
Mama I do it, the racks I pursue it
Just look at me baby, I came from the sewers
They love all the slime ball
Like they fuck all these cats on your slime dog
I got me some rings like I'm Bruce Bowen
I'm ballin' on you like I'm Chris Paul

9. Swae Lee ft. Young Thug – “Offshore”

Top 15 Best Young Thug Guest Verses Of All Time Swae

Released: May 4, 2018

Album: Swaecation

Producer: Mike WiLL Made-It & Marz

I'ma let you vibe all day (All day)
I don't mind if you try it all day
You know Thugger let you ride all day
Yeah, let you ride all day
You can go get what you like all day (All day)
It feels wrong, but it's right, no, baby
Perky got me lookin' at your body all day
And it feels right, my baby, yeah
Baby steps when you walk
You got baby steps when you walk
High heels on your feet when you walk (Feet when you walk)
High heels on your feet, baby
Lambo, them legs ajar, yeah
And the Maserati truck, the doors in the back ajar, yeah (Ajar, yeah)
Let's get it on, baby
Make your mouth get it, get it gone, yeah (Gone, yeah)
Like a motorcycle, get it on, baby
Yeah, I perform foreplay
So in love, I can buy the bitch a ring every day
Stop this rap shit, turn to a mob any day
Bossman, I could get homie dropped any day
I'll slap the shit out Donald Trump any day
Brand-new assistant I like, any day
Better get it right if you don't want gunplay (Gunplay)
I'ma do it right and fill up the driveway (Driveway)
Bentley on the side, and it's sittin' on LeBron James (LeBron James)
911 Porsche got me takin' you on a date, ayy (On a date)
Pistol Pete mobbin', I'm bangin' it all day (All day)
Baddest and the baddest and baddest, like, all day (All day)
I ran up the millions, I did it all my way (My way)
Hundred-dollar bills, and I like 'em all straight
Real talk, I'm a neat freak
And lil' mama fold my clothes like a neat freak
You say you doin' something? Pfft
Your uncle reading right through your wrong
Hoes can't talk when I talk where I'm from
Thirty-two pumps make 'em run, Forrest, run
Monte Carlo, poppin' my collar
Wrestle that ho like The Muhfuckin' Rock
I say, "Wrestle that ho like The Muhfuckin' Rock"
So I let it freeze up, up-up-up-up
Eat the cake, Anna Mae, baby, yeah
These bitches hatin', they throw rice by the case
I'm ridin' down Memory Lane
Catchin' feelings like I'm Walter Payton
I just wanna throw love at this evenin'
Christian Dior with the ski
Bad bitch, yeah, make believe
Barney Balmain on my jeans
Bleedin' like a Tampax Pearl (Pearl)
Mistakenly made it rain on your world, ayy
Your diamonds, yeah, they wet like the bottom of the shore, yuh
Better stop playin', say you quick, like sand, oh, my God

8. Lil Uzi Vert ft. Young Thug – “Yamborghini Dream”

Top 15 Best Young Thug Guest Verses Of All Time Lil Uzi

Released: October 30, 2015

Album: Luv Is Rage

Producer: MP808 & TM88

I pour fours in a cream soda
My ice wet just like Daytona
My dope white like South Dakota
And my diamonds are black like Folger's
Somebody tell 'em they ain't stoppin' me, no
I call her tart, she gon' come pop for me, yeah
If I get her started, she gone start with me
Hold up, hold up, hold up, hold up
Yeah, yeah

7. Travis Scott ft. Rich Homie Quan & Young Thug – “Mamacita”

Ranking Top 10 Best Young Thug Travis Scott Collaborations Skyfall

Released: August 18, 2014

Album: Days Before Rodeo

Producer: Travis Scott, Metro Boomin & DJ Dahi

Motherfuckin' girl, I love her, I'ma give her the world (Woo)
Ayy, fuck her, I wanna fuck her mother (Woo)
I just might give her my little girl (Woo)
No, no, I won't let go, bro, bad ho
She look the best with a 'fro (Woo)
Natural nat-nat on go (Woo)
Damn, Quan, turn on the stove (Woo)
Whip it 'til I have a stroke (Woo)
I do not fuck with America (Woo)
I get it straight off the boat (Brr)
Oh, damn (Woo)
The kush, it never make me choke
Slow down, I'm speedin' and I got a trunk full of wham (Woo)
Damn, twenty-five thousand on an old school Cam
SS me, these bitches wan' molest me
Damn, they'll sex me, she a lesbian
She want chicken like sesame
And she tryin' to undress me, test me
Give her hotel keys like Cassidy, you dig? (Hey)

6. Rick Ross ft. Young Thug & Wale – “Trap Trap Trap”

Rather You Than Me

Released: March 9, 2017

Album: Rather You Than Me

Producer: Yung Coke

I was tryna bet the whole map
Out in Vegas, out the trap
Niggas talkin' 'bout raidin' the trap
Man, I'm 'bout to go ape in the trap (nigga goin' ape shit)
Nigga, watch your babies in the trap
Nigga cookin' oil base in the trap
Young nigga slave in the trap
Nigga run base, base in the trap
I'm 'bout to get this shit movin', yeah
Answer the door with the Woolie, yeah
Wrist in the water, I need me a boat
I'm 'bout to get this shit cruisin', yeah
Stand at the stove 'til you're woozy, woozy
Let's make a movie, movie, yeah
Move, move, move
Bitch, I'm richer than Tom Cruise, yeah
So many different meds on me
Fuck around, call the Fed on me
Chk-chk, boom boom boom your head, homie, reds
Draco got a lot of lead on it, you dead (yeah, yeah)

5. Drake ft. 2 Chainz & Young Thug – “Sacrifices”

Every Single Hip Hop Billboard Number One Album Since 1986 More Life

Released: March 18, 2017

Album: More Life

Producer: Deejae & T-Minus

I was stealin' from a bitch (Slime)
Back when I was 21 (Facts)
My favorite gun was a SIG (Nine)
20 in the clip, head one (No cockin')
Growin' up, I was a running back
You never made me ran once (Goddamn)
I got shot, sweat started runnin'
That shit was red like Hunt (Ketchup)
I'm kickin', pimpin' like I punt (Beat it)
But don't you think shit's sweet?
I'm talkin' sweet, deer meat (Ooh)
I'm talkin' suite like he sleep (Like he sleep)
We ain't doin' too much talkin' (Nah)
I'm talmbout talkin' like a speech (Election)
Like the President, I kill 'em neat (Scammers)
I’m talkin' neat like freak
I'm talkin' neat like fleek
I'm talkin' neat like a geek (Yeah!)
You come with beef, I eat a B
I'm talkin' B’s, spellin' bee (Sheesh)
Double R, that's a Rolls
Paint it yellow like it's dairy
I'm talkin' Rose like Derrick
I'm talkin' rolls like a belly (Woo)
Like a new car, I got two keys
Tryna score the bucket like a Chevy seat (Chevy seat)
Then I heard they been pullin' all week (All week)
I'ma use your name like, "Who is he?"
You get it? Haha!
I said I'ma use a name like, "Who is he?"
Got some gold on, leprechaun, sheesh
Deep sleep short for deceased
Big bezel on the Patty (Woo)
I’m talkin' PADI—I meant Patek
Don't try to take it, I got guns
I'm talkin' guns, not pellets (Pellet)
I watch the game from the floor (Floor seats)
I'm talkin' wood, first mattress
I'm talkin' wood, pants down (Pants down)
I'm talkin' woods like them clowns (You get it?)
I got my mink off a monkey
I'm talkin' monkey like Jumanji (Hrr)
All your diamonds partly sunny
I'm talkin' sunny like D, Sunny (Sunny Delight)
My diamonds wet, it cost me money
I'm talkin' wet like it's runnin' (Sink)
I'm talkin' wet like Katrina (New Orleans)
I'm talkin' wet like Dasani, huh

4. Travis Scott ft. Young Thug – “Skyfall”

Ranking Top 10 Best Young Thug Travis Scott Collaborations Skyfall

Released: August 18, 2014

Album: Days Before Rodeo

Producer: Travis Scott & Metro Boomin

I'm it, like a game that get played by a kid
Pussy boy, I'm on your head like a wig
Diamonds water like I bought 'em from a squid
A1's what she get when she want dick
Black diamonds like I'm Akon kid
Whippin' I can turn a two to a six
Real talk, on Blood you dead (Ooh, ah, ooh, ooh, ah)
And I still want that head like a lid
Hit the school, make it rain on a principal
I will leave a nigga smokin' like an Optimo
All my bitches they on gringo
They riding with heat, ready to sting bro
I got 300 bitches like I'm Sosa, ho (Ooh, ah, ooh, ooh, ah)
My jewelry shinin' like some Mop & Glo
Inside her pants is a camel toe
I swear I fell in love with all those

3. Jamie xx ft. Young Thug & Popcaan – “I Know There’s Gonna Be (Good Times)”

Top 15 Best Young Thug Guest Verses Of All Time Jamie Xx

Released: May 22, 2015

Album: In Colour

Producer: Jamie xx

Um, good times, there's gon' be some good times
'Member we used to pull up and let 'em fight?
That's that hood time
'Member I used to grab on that ass
When it was 'bout that wood time? (Fatty)
If that lil' bitch walk up trippin' she get that mush time (Move, bitch)
I don't waste time, I don't waste time
I don't have patience, baby (Baby)
She gon' get on top of this dick and she gon' squish it like squish
Then go fast, she Speed Racin' (Skrrt)
We gon' ball, Walter Payton
She my boss like I'm grandson
Come here bae, I'ma listen
I let her write me my suggestions (Hey)
Pop quiz, it's a pop quiz (Pop it)
All my money comin' clean, you can't pop this (No)
She got that pussy locked up like locksmith (Damn)
Watch her come to my lights like a reindeer (Ice)
Me and Papi on the same pills (Papi)
My diamonds could never stand still (No way)
Where you goin'? Can you come here? (Come here, baby)
I'll always take you back for your sex appeal

2. T.I. ft. Young Thug – “About the Money”

Top 15 Best Young Thug Guest Verses Of All Time Ti About

Released: June 3, 2014

Album: Paperwork

Producer: London on da Track

Bustin' out the bando (Woo)
A nigga jewelry real metal like a can opener (Bling)
I went from rags to riches to a feature with Tip (Woo)
I went from Smart Card to a bitch with some smart lips (Skrrt)
And the F&N make my hip limp (Gah)
I'm goin' fishin' with these little bitty shrimp dimps (Woo)
And my bank roll got a big dip (Woo)
She gon' bring it on a big ship (Sheesh, sheesh)
Quite trill, no QuikTrip (Sheesh, sheesh)
I got thugs in the alley, know Tip here (Woo)
And she just wanna have a good day (What?)
Smoke way more weed than a guy in L.A (Damn)
Damn, I'll hold them birds 'til next May (Goddamn)
Never let 'em fly away (What?)
I heard, hey buddy
Listen what my nigga Tip say, hey

1. Travis Scott ft. Young Thug & Justin Bieber – “Maria I’m Drunk”

Ranking Travis Scott First Week Album Sales Rodeo

Released: September 4, 2015

Album: Rodeo

Producer: Mike Dean, Maneesh, Travis Scott, Ging & Allen Ritter

Press lil' mama for weed, and she did it for free
Yeah, that thing wet, baby, I need skis
Skrrt, yeah, I need a ski
Yeah, oh (Ayy)
From the back, pull her track (Ayy)
Then I'ma speed race in that (Skrrt)
My mama still got my back (Ayy)
Pull down your pants, I want crack (Yeah)
I'm growing weed, this ain't trees, bitch
My bitch brown like Hennessy, bitch
Big blood like Freddy in dreams, bitch
Dressed in a tie like the Dean, bitch
Drunk and in love with my baby
Baby, do not go fast, go slow, wait (Skrrt, skrrt, skrrt, skrrt)
Tell me, tell me information, I got rank (Tell me)
Let's take a shot together then lay up like planks (Ayy, ayy)
Never ever do I wanna leave my lil' lady (Ayy)
Catch 'em down bad, now they gotta plan 'fore that boy wake (Yeah)
Told God if I get an iced out watch, I won't be late (I promise)
Every time I try to stick it in all the way
Baby girl be like, "Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy" (Haha)
"Ayy, ayy"
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