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The Best DJ Khaled Productions of All Time

In the enormity of modern Hip Hop, DJ Khaled emerges as a master of collaborations more intricate than most. This maestro of sound has built a legacy on the bedrock of anthems that transcend time and trend. His ability to pull together lineups of rap royals and carve out a sound that’s simultaneously classic and contemporary is nothing short of orchestral finesse. Where many attempt to capture the zeitgeist with hit-or-miss precision, Khaled’s beats have become the heartbeat of Hip Hop, underscoring moments that define an era.

The man’s discography is a mural of the genre’s shifts and turns. From the war cries of “We Takin’ Over” to the triumphant chants of “All I Do Is Win,” each track is a testament to Khaled’s golden touch. He crafts sagas, not just songs, with star-studded casts that would make even blockbuster directors envious. “I’m on One” isn’t just a track; it’s a movement, encapsulating the swagger of a night untouchable by tomorrow’s worries. Then there’s “Wild Thoughts,” which marries the vivacious allure of Rihanna with the smoothness of Bryson Tiller, wrapped in a production that makes the summers sultry and the winters wish for warmth.

Khaled’s productions are like time capsules, filled with the energy of their release. Through beats that hit hard and hooks that cling, he has anchored moments of celebration, reflection, and revolution. Yet it’s not just the chart-toppers. Tracks like “Good Man” and “Holy Key” showcase the depth and range of his vision, proving that Khaled knows the pulse of the streets as well as the charts.

So let’s get into it. From the bounce to the soulful, from the street anthems to the club bangers, here are the Top 50 Best DJ Khaled Productions of All Time.

50. Karaoke (feat. DJ Khaled) – T-Pain


With Khaled hyping him up, Teddy Pain swings at the copycat culprits, riding hard on those who lack originality, calling the scene a bunch of “karaoke.” T-Pain ain’t just clowning around; he’s serious about his discontent, voicing how others jumped on the auto-tune wave he popularized but then left him high and dry when it was time to collaborate.

This joint’s got T-Pain reclaiming his throne, making it clear he’s not only a pioneer of the sound but also a creator who keeps it real for his kin. He’s pouring out his soul, highlighting the hypocrisy of the industry—cats basking in trends he set yet not throwing props his way. Khaled’s presence intensifies the message, stamping that Nappy Boy and We The Best seal of approval, reminding us that this game ain’t just about the hits—it’s about respect.

49. Nikki Beach (Feat. French Montana & Tory Lanez) – The Game

DRILLMATIC Heart vs. Mind

This track lays down a vibe that’s all about the high life, a celebration of luxury escapism where geographical name-drops — from Colombia to Vegas to Rio — punctuate the jet-setting lifestyle they’re narrating. It’s a sonic vacation fueled by extravagance, and French Montana adds his signature “Haan” to the mix, ensuring you know it’s gonna be a high-roller experience.

Amidst the bragging rights and champagne showers, “Nikki Beach” captures a hedonistic narrative that’s larger than life, where romance is as fleeting and intense as a summer fling. Game and his cohorts lay their verses on a platter of smooth beats, making for a track that’s slick and effortless. It’s all about the fast life, where love is as opulent as the wealth that surrounds them, and every line is a toast to the untouchable realm they inhabit – a world where they’re not just at the party, they are the party.

48. How Many Times (feat. Chris Brown, Lil Wayne & Big Sean) – DJ Khaled

I Changed A Lot (Deluxe)

This banger lays out a narrative where Khaled, Brown, Wayne, and Big Sean are calling out to their respective shorties, making it clear that their intentions are far from innocent. With a chorus that doubles as a playful yet assertive invitation, they’re questioning how many times they gotta holler at these women to slide through, promising a night that’ll leave them staggering in delight.

As each verse unfolds, the rap heavyweights flex their lyrical skills, dousing the beat with tales of luxury, late-night escapades, and the kind of sexual confidence that’s synonymous with the lavish hip-hop lifestyle. Embellished with themes of casual flings and the high-rolling vibes, “How Many Times” delivers a message that’s blunt and unapologetic, embodying the excess that often characterizes the rap game’s portrayal of fame and fortune. DJ Khaled, with his golden touch, assembles this hedonistic anthem that’s hard-hitting and effortlessly catchy, securing its spot as a club staple.

47. They Don’t Love You No More (feat. Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Rick Ross & French Montana) – DJ Khaled

I Changed A Lot (Deluxe)

Teaming up with Jay-Z, Meek Mill, Rick Ross, and French Montana, this track is a salvo fired in the name of realness in an industry fickle with its affections. The hard-hitting beat underlines a narrative of betrayal and change, a chorus that laments the loss of loyalty once success is achieved. Jay-Z and Meek Mill spit verses with the raw intensity of artists who’ve weathered the storm of fame, addressing the flippancy of public love and the isolation that hovers at the top. Rick Ross brings his signature bravado, while French Montana’s hook reinforces the central theme of the fake love that fades with the hype. Khaled’s curation pulls together these narratives to emphasize the grit behind the glamour, encapsulating the challenges of life under the spotlight in the rap game.

46. Don’t Pay 4 It – DJ Khaled

Kiss The Ring (Deluxe)

Khaled’s posse cut is an anthem for those with the mindset that spending dough on affection is straight-up folly—why break the bank when swag and status gets you love fo’ free? The messaging in “Don’t Pay 4 It” is clear—flip the script and let the cash keep stacking while dismissing any notion of paying for pleasure.

The cut brings together a squad of voices who stand united in their philosophy, pushing the bravado to the max as they boast about their pull with the ladies minus the price tag. We’re talkin’ rides that cost more than some folks’ homes, hopin’ from one global hotspot to another, and a confidence so cold it could freeze the sun. The verse-spinning reflects the spirit of self-made success, the allure of the untouchable lifestyle, and the essence of the hustle that defines their world—where a wallet’s weight doesn’t define one’s worth or desirability. “Don’t Pay 4 It” ain’t just a track, it’s a declaration, a proverb from the book of game, delivered by Khaled and his crew with unapologetic swagger.

45. Hold You Down (feat. Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future & Jeremih) – DJ Khaled

I Changed A Lot (Deluxe)

Teaming up with heavy hitters Chris Brown, August Alsina, Future, and Jeremih, Khaled curated a soundscape where each artist brings their flavor to the table, serving up a track that’s both a pledge and a celebration of that ride-or-die kind of love.

The song unfolds as a melodic dialogue of assurance, with each vocalist pouring out promises to their significant others, testifying to their readiness to support and elevate their partners against any odds. It’s about being the steadfast backbone in a relationship, a declaration of commitment that carries the weight of a sworn vow. The opulence of luxury cars and designer fashion mentioned throughout amplifies the track’s message — when you’re locked with someone for real, you’re elevating each other to new heights, both in spirit and in living large.

“Hold You Down” resonates as that smooth blend of R&B and hip hop, where confessions are cloaked in velvet hooks, and commitment rings over beats that coax you to nod your head in agreement. Khaled and the crew aren’t just talking the talk; they’re laying down the soundtrack for all the real ones out there holding it down. It’s a toast to the day ones and a testament to enduring loyalty in love and life.

44. I Feel Like Pac / I Feel Like Biggie – DJ Khaled

Suffering From Success (Deluxe Version)

“I Feel Like Pac / I Feel Like Biggie” is DJ Khaled’s ode to two of the most iconic figures in hip hop, Tupac Shakur and The Notorious B.I.G. This track is a heavy-hitter, loaded with the kind of raw energy and unapologetic bravado that defined Pac and Biggie’s legacies. The joint is a heady mix of reverence and street wisdom, as it navigates through themes of legacy, survival, and the relentless hustle that’s a hallmark of the game.

In the track, Khaled ropes in his hip hop compatriots to drop bars that summon the spirits of the late greats, articulating the constant pressure of staying on top in an industry fraught with envy and rivalry. It’s a declaration, man, packed with allusions to trials, tribulations, and the kind of paranoia that comes with success. “I Feel Like Pac / I Feel Like Biggie” isn’t just about feeling like two of the greatest to ever do it; it’s about confronting the same struggles and foes, spitting in the face of adversity, and declaring one’s own greatness in a world that’s always trying to bring you down.

43. Bitch I’m From Dade County – Evil Empire

Interstate Trafficking 5.0

This joint is a posse cut, featuring an all-star lineup of Trick Daddy, Trina, Rick Ross, Brisco, Flo Rida, and more, each one spitting bars that put their hood on the map. The essence of the track lies in its bold declaration of pride and loyalty for the 305. It’s an ode to the streets, the struggle, and the everyday grind of Dade County’s people and culture. The lyricists go hard, painting vivid pictures of the lifestyle, the hustle, and the unbreakable spirit of their hometown. Each verse serves as a testament to the raw and unfiltered life in Miami, asserting a sense of regional pride that’s both resilient and defiant. In the heart of South Florida, this track bangs as an unapologetic salute to the realness of Dade.

42. No New Friends – SFTB Remix – DJ Khaled

Suffering From Success (Deluxe Version)

The song’s core preaches the importance of sticking by those who’ve been down with you from the start. It’s a declaration of solidarity with day-ones and a dismissal of the need for additional companions. The remix reverberates with the ethos of not just maintaining but prioritizing old ties over new, fleeting connections.

With verses spit by some of the game’s heavy-hitters like Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne, the narrative weaves through their personal declarations of keeping their circles tight. Success, luxury, and the spoils of the high life might attract new faces, but the lyrics make it clear that they pale in comparison to the brothers who’ve been part of the struggle. It is not just a boast of the success they’ve found but also a stark reminder of the superficiality that can come with it, affirming their chosen few over the opportunistic many. The track’s vibe is a testament to the bond and fortitude in an industry where loyalties are often tested.

41. Welcome To My Hood – DJ Khaled

We The Best Forever

Khaled assembles a squadron of the game’s heaviest hitters to give voice to the corners and boulevards of their respective territories. Lyrically, the track is a vivid tour through the inner-city landscape. The rhymes lay out a tapestry of community solidarity, where everyone has everyone else’s back. There’s a sense of pride woven throughout the verses, showcasing old school cars and a lively street scene with kids playing hopscotch.

However, it’s not all a rose-tinted view. The song acknowledges the omnipresence of the law, illustrated by the haunting siren sounds that represent police patrols. Despite the adversities, there’s an undercurrent of resilience. The luxurious imagery of diamonds and high-end cars juxtaposes the harsher realities of evictions, house arrests, and the street hustle. It’s a powerful declaration of identity, not just for Khaled but for every voice on the track, uniting under one banner to represent the streets from which they emerged.

40. Future – DJ Khaled

We The Best Forever

The track feels like a summit where the streets meet ambition, with Khaled orchestrating a symphony of voices who exemplify the hunger that defines the next generation of rap titans. Ace Hood, Meek Mill, Big Sean, Wale, and Vado each spit their truth on this joint, laying down verses that paint vivid images of their individual paths to greatness, against any odds.

Khaled’s masterful blend of their unique styles creates an explosive narrative of success and survival in the game. We get themes that thread through about the importance of legacy, the constant pursuit of triumph, and the relentless nature of the hustle. This isn’t just music; it’s a motivational manual set to beats, meant to inspire anyone aiming to push limits and shatter ceilings. In essence, “Future” is DJ Khaled giving a nod to the incoming wave of Hip Hop influencers, while stamping the track with his own brand of motivational Hip Hop.

39. Ima Boss (T.I., Birdman, Lil’ Wayne, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross & Swizz Beatz) – Remix – Meek Mill

Ima Boss (Remix Version)

Meek Mill champions the anthem with high-grade braggadocio, marking his territory in the rap game as an untouchable force. With heavyweights T.I., Birdman, Lil Wayne, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, and Swizz Beatz all throwing down verses, it’s a relentless barrage of power moves and gritty street wisdom. The lyrics, while diverse in delivery, converge on the common theme of rising to the top, hustling hard, and reaping the rewards of success. The song pulsates with the energy of self-made moguls, making it clear they’re now the shot-callers, the kings of their domain, and unapologetically flaunting the emblems of their success. The remix turns the heat up, showing that these bosses’ narratives are intertwined with the streets, luxury, and the unyielding grip on their crowns.

38. Fuck Up the Club (feat. Future, Rick Ross, YG & Yo Gotti) – DJ Khaled

Major Key

This joint is a call to arms for the whole crew to wild out and make their presence felt in the nightlife scene. It’s as much a celebration of success as it is a soundtrack for the lavish lifestyles of Khaled and company. Each artist brings their own flavor to the track, but there’s a common theme throughout: dominance and excellence.

Rick Ross comes through with his signature boss-like braggadocio, dropping lines about his wealth and status, while YG and Yo Gotti represent the unapologetic hustle and the grind it took to reach the pinnacle of luxury. Future’s melodic hooks drive home the point that they’re out to turn the club upside down, making a statement that when they step into the venue, it’s gonna be a night that no one forgets. They’re flexing hard, flaunting jewelry and whips, making it rain like there’s no tomorrow. In essence, Khaled curates an anthem for those who know how to party at the highest level, fusing the raw energy of hip-hop with the glitz of a VIP section. “Fuck Up the Club” isn’t just a song, it’s a testament to the power moves being made by these artists in the game.

37. Don’t Ever Play Yourself (feat. Jadakiss, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes & Kent Jones) – DJ Khaled

Major Key

It’s a track that schools the uninitiated on the consequences of fronting in the street-certified hustle. With a heavy lineup featuring Jadakiss, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes, and Kent Jones, the song is a symposium of rap bravado. The MCs trade verses on the mantra of authenticity, underlined by a gritty beat that marries rattling hi-hats and ominous synths. Each rapper delivers life-tested bars, channeling their personal histories and hardened wisdom. They confront fake narratives in the game, stressing on keeping it real rather than chasing clout. The underlying message is unambiguous—never compromise your principles, or as the streets succinctly put it, “Don’t ever play yourself.” Concepts like loyalty, respect, and heritage are the guiding forces here, and each verse serves as a stark reminder that in the high stakes world of hip-hop, your reputation is your currency.

36. I Wanna Be With You – DJ Khaled

Suffering From Success (Deluxe Version)

Khaled collaborates with a roster of rap heavyweights, including future legends Nicki Minaj, Future, and Rick Ross, crafting a love anthem for the streets. Nicki leads the pack, setting the track ablaze spitting bars that mix romantic allure with her trademark queenpin energy. She’s seeking a real one, someone who can match her vibe and bring that same level of game, both emotional and financial.

The fellas, Future and Ross, slide in with their smooth cadences, painting a picture of boss-level courtship. The chorus is an addictive repetition that’s like a toast to opulence and commitment, creating a soundtrack for anyone looking to spoil their significant other. DJ Khaled, with his signature hype, seals the deal by confirming he’s all about elevating those around him. “I Wanna Be With You” ain’t just a track; it’s an anthem for the movers and shakers looking to build an empire with their ride-or-die.

35. Born N Raised – Pitbull

El Mariel

This is the type of joint that’s drenched in Southern flavor, stirring up that 305 pride with each bass-heavy beat. Here’s the real talk—this track paints a vivid portrait of the grind and glamour of Miami life, where the sunshine meets the underworld, and where loyalty to the soil that raised you is paramount.

In Hip Hop, the narrative of your origin story holds weight, and “Born N Raised” lays it all out raw and uncut. The lyrics spin tales of the struggle, the hustle, the nightlife, and the spirit of a city that shapes the very essence of its people. It’s a shoutout to the spots that reared them, the corners that know their names. In essence, “Born N Raised” ain’t just a track; it’s a declaration etched in the concrete of Dade County, a salute to the culture and community that defines the artists’ identities and legacies in the game. Yo, it’s Miami in its purest form, no chaser.

34. I’m On One – DJ Khaled

We The Best Forever

Teaming up with Drake, Rick Ross, and Lil Wayne, Khaled curated a potent cocktail of braggadocio and introspection over a T-Minus and 40-produced beat that’s smoother than a buttered-up biscuit. Drizzy kicks off the proceedings, laying out his successes and the hedonistic lifestyle that comes with his territory, as well as touching on the temporality of fame. His stance? Seize the moment and the cash, live up unapologetically, ’cause that hype train won’t wait for you. Rozay and Weezy tag-team afterwards, each delivering verses drenched in luxury and the gravity of their street roots. They ain’t just spitting bars; they’re painting a picture of what it means to be at the top, wrestling with the risks and rewards. “I’m On One” is an anthem, a declaration – it encapsulates that feeling of being untouchable, high off the wins and still hungry for more.

33. Work for It (feat. Big Sean, Gucci Mane & 2 Chainz) – DJ Khaled

Major Key

This track, drenched in opulence and grind, dives deep into the sacrifices and dilemmas of success in both the streets and the music game. Each verse seamlessly toggles between flaunting luxuries and the relentless hustle that it takes to bag ’em. Big Sean lays it out smooth, speaking on romantic temptation and his own career grind, balancing between blessings and what he’s willing to sacrifice for a special someone.

Gucci follows up with a frank depiction of his street cred and the realness of the life he lives, repping that even with all his success, the streets won’t let go. And 2 Chainz? He spits straight fire about his evolution from hardship to luxury, but never losing touch with where he came from. Throughout the track, Khaled’s mantra echoes—a reminder that high-stakes love and the allure of success are twin juggernauts on the lane to greatness.

32. Bitches & Bottles (Let’s Get It Started) – DJ Khaled

Kiss The Ring (Deluxe)

This track is the epitome of excess and indulgence, where the turn-up is non-negotiable. We’re diving into a world where the luxury is loud and the party non-stop. The lyrics, unapologetic and raw, celebrate the hedonistic lifestyle that often accompanies rap superstardom. Khaled and his crew aren’t just at the club; they ARE the club. This anthem is all about popping bottles, flaunting wealth with icy timepieces and designer labels, and surrounding oneself with the desirable company.

The track doesn’t shy away from the braggadocio that’s synonymous with hip hop culture. It’s a flex-fest that reinforces the high-rolling image of the artists featured. There’s a sense of untouchable confidence as they navigate through a sea of luxury and revelry. The central theme is clear: They’ve got the means to live life on their own extravagant terms, and they’re not afraid to flaunt it. In DJ Khaled’s universe, the more ostentatious, the better, and “Bitches & Bottles” sets the gold standard for a night that’s anything but low-key. It’s a brazen soundtrack for those who dare to live like there’s no tomorrow.

31. BIG PAPER (feat. Cardi B) – DJ Khaled


This joint ain’t just about flaunting wealth, it’s a gritty tale of triumph. Cardi B storms the beat with a voracity only she can muster, laying out her journey from the Bronx to the panoramic views of palm-tree-adorned estates. She spits bars about her unshakable rise, regardless of the haters and the doubters who never lent her a helping hand. It’s a flex anthem, with Khaled’s iconic ad-libs underpinning Cardi’s ruthless climb and sharp-tongued victory lap.

Cardi’s relentless grind and disregard for the negativity that shadows her steps is the crux of “BIG PAPER.” She references her break from music but makes it crystal clear that her return is anything but a downturn. With her characteristic bravado, she takes shots at the gossipmongers, aligning herself with Khaled’s “We The Best” mantra. Every bar thumps with the weight of Cardi’s achievements – the platinum records, the fashion icon status, and the undeniable impact she’s imprinted on the game. “BIG PAPER” is an embodiment of hustle, resilience, and the unabashed celebration of securing the bag by any means necessary.

30. Holy Key (feat. Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar & Betty Wright) – DJ Khaled

Major Key

Featuring the lyrical grace of Big Sean and Kendrick Lamar with Betty Wright’s soulful choruses elevating the vibe, this track is a profound sermon on wax. Big Sean starts with reflection and resilience, spitting truths about perception, positivity, and the grind, while Kendrick Lamar dives into personal integrity, societal issues, and a call for reparation, making you contemplate more than your usual bop. Betty Wright ties it all with a gospel-tinged hook, reminding us of the triumphs over life’s dramas. With “Holy Key,” Khaled and crew don’t just drop a track; they unlock a higher conversation about perseverance, justice, and self-empowerment in the booth and beyond.

29. Good Man (feat. Pusha T & Jadakiss) – DJ Khaled


This joint, featuring Pusha T and Jadakiss, has got layers, my people. Pusha T comes through with that raw, unfiltered introspection—you can feel the weight of his past hustles and tussles with the law. It’s a testament to his journey from the corner to conquering the rap game, gripping that mic with the wisdom of someone who’s weathered the storm. He ain’t just reflecting on his own narrative; he’s painting a picture of what it means to evolve in a game that’s often unforgiving.

On the flip, Jadakiss, the lyrical heavyweight, slides into the track with his signature rasp, dropping gems about longevity and authenticity in the game. He’s schooling cats on the distinction between realness and imitation—making it unmistakably clear that his credentials are rooted in his experiences rather than mere posturing. Both emcees, under Khaled’s production umbrella, bring a sense of gravity and grace to “Good Man,” driving home the message that despite the traps and tribulations that come with the life, legacy is built on staying true and keeping it a hundred. It’s a reflective piece, dipped in both the glory and the grime of the hustle, acknowledging the complex narrative of what it means to be a ‘good man’ in a cutthroat world.

28. Pull a Caper (feat. Kodak Black, Gucci Mane & Rick Ross) – DJ Khaled

This track paints the picture of hustlers chasing that paper with a relentless grind. Khaled comes through with the hype, while Kodak, Gucci, and Rozay spit bout the street savoir-faire, rollin’ in luxury whips, and maneuvering through life’s obstacles with a boss mentality.

Each verse unfolds a narrative of come-up stories, where fast whips like the Wraith symbolize the success they’re pulling towards themselves—hence “pull a caper.” It’s a celebration of wealth, of reaching the “upper echelon” as Gucci puts it, and flipping the script from past struggles to present triumphs. Kodak’s circumstances, Gucci’s hustle philosophy, and Rick Ross’s unapologetic flaunting of wealth add layers to this anthemic track, with Khaled orchestrating the collaboration like a hip-hop maestro. “Pull a Caper” ain’t just a boast of riches; it’s a testament to the grind that built empires out of the mud.

27. I Can’t Even Lie (feat. Future & Nicki Minaj) – DJ Khaled


The song’s very essence is drenched in braggadocio and the lavishness of the high life where the usual markers of success in Hip Hop – luxury cars, money, and jewelry – take center stage. Future opens up with his auto-tuned harmonies, painting pictures of an opulent lifestyle where parking lots mimic movie sets and affection is as powerful as the exotic cars he drives. Nicki Minaj, the queen of features, comes through with her razor-sharp wordplay, dropping bars that assert her domination in the game, fending off competitors with ease, and asserting her financial and influence prowess. The overall theme of “I Can’t Even Lie” revolves around the idea that their reality is so grand, it’s beyond the need for exaggeration – their life speaks for itself, no lies needed.

26. I Wish You Would – DJ Khaled

Kiss The Ring (Deluxe)

A quintessential anthem of resilience and defiance, the song is a raw declaration of unyielding grit within the rap game and beyond. Yeezy and Rozay trade verses riddled with hard-hitting realism—confronting the demons of street hustles, the psychological aftermath of warfare on the block, and the stoic facade that often masks a deeper vulnerability. Bragging rights on financial ascension parallel a darker narrative of survival and memories of harsher times, from catching buses to flexing in luxury vehicles. The underlying message is clear: they’ve weathered storms and emerged stronger, and any attempt to undermine their success or authenticity would be ill-advised. Khaled’s ad libs serve as a hype man’s seal of approval, one that not only resonates through the track but affirms their staying power in hip-hop’s often volatile landscape.

25. I Got the Keys (feat. Jay-Z & Future) – DJ Khaled

Major Key

Khaled, the maestro of mega-collabs, orchestrates a joint where Hov and Hendrix drop knowledge on the game like it’s heavy. The track is an ode to the moguls’ mastery of unlocking success in an industry full of locks.

Jay-Z, the self-made billionaire and lyrical genius, schools us on the art of staying on top, with references to his lavish lifestyle and unmatched hustle. We’re talking about leveling up to the point where you’re playing courtside with the system – beating charges like they’re amateur basketball players. This is Jay in his element, showcasing his dominance not just in music, but in life. Future complements with his signature Auto-Tuned melodies, reinforcing the theme of having the metaphorical keys – it’s a nod to power, to freedom, to making moves that others can’t. This track isn’t just a flex; it’s a blueprint, soaked in swagger and an unapologetic celebration of triumph against the odds. Khaled, meanwhile, hyping up the joint with his iconic ad-libs, makes sure the message is loud and clear: these are the keys to greatness, and they’re in the hands of those who dare to dream big.

24. Top Off (feat. JAY Z, Future & Beyoncé) – DJ Khaled

Father Of Asahd

The track’s title serves as a metaphor for reaching the pinnacle of success, reflected in both its literal meaning—removing the roof of an expensive Maybach car—and in the triumphant tone of the lyrics. Each artist takes a turn to flex their achievements and status, with Future setting the stage with his signature auto-tune infused hook, reminding naysayers that their ascent isn’t going to stop. JAY Z enters with a verse that’s a clear display of power, weaving in references to personal freedom, elite wine choices, and a nod to his family’s influence. Beyoncé, referred to as “the only lady here,” doesn’t shy away from proclaiming herself as the dominant force in any room, embodying power and exclusivity. The collective energy of “Top Off” makes it a bold statement of success, opulence, and an untouchable lifestyle that only few in hip hop’s echelon attain.

23. I’m So Hood Remix – Various Artists

Southern Mixtape Exclusives 3

This joint is a sonic testament to keeping it real, where each artist spits their truth over a gritty beat that screams authenticity. The remix is more than just a track—it’s a badge of pride, a declaration that no matter how far these titans rise, they remain rooted in the struggle and familiar streets that molded ’em.

From T-Pain’s hook that resonates with anyone who’s ever embraced their beginnings, to the verses laid down by rap’s finest, each bar pays homage to the grind. They share tales of survival, of making it big against the odds, while never forgetting the blocks they came from. The track’s aggressive beats and raw lyricism encapsulate a spirit that resonates with every listener who’s got love for their own hood. “I’m So Hood Remix” ain’t just a song; it’s an anthem, celebrating the raw, uncut reality of street life and the unbreakable spirit it instills.

22. Cold.1 – Various Artists

Kanye West Presents Good Music Cruel Summer

A true testament of unabashed opulence, Yeezy takes us on a ride from the concrete jungles to the high-fashion runways, proving there’s no linear path in his world — only upward, skyward trajectories.

The cut isn’t just a celebration of wealth, but a reflection of Kanye’s journey, magnifying the transformation from Chi-town’s beats to haute couture sheets. Flipping the bird to PETA and naysayers alike, West flosses his success in the face of his critics, while simultaneously tossing a nod of respect to his peer, Wiz Khalifa. Woven within the glitzy lifestyle boasts, there’s a vein of real-talk about love lost and industry politics—hinting at his short-lived beef with Hov, no less. “Cold.1” is a bristling, truculent anthem, reminding us all that Kanye is nothing if not audacious, a force in both the booth and the boardroom.

21. To the Max (feat. Drake) – DJ Khaled


This track, it’s like an adrenaline shot straight to the heart of the party. It ain’t just about the flex and the flash—it’s a narrative on loyalty, the grind, and keeping it a hundred in a game filled with fakes. Khaled drops his signature hype, shouting out the successes and keeping the energy at peak levels. Meanwhile, Drake slips into the flow with introspective bars, reflecting on relationships past and the superficial love that often comes with fame. He balances this introspection with a celebration of success, acknowledging the collective rise of his crew and himself to the top. They ain’t about letting the pressure break them; instead, they wear it like a badge of honor. It’s a flex track, no doubt, laced with a vibe that commands you to elevate your game. “To the Max” is a call to arms for everyone hustling, pushing through the noise, and living life at full tilt.

20. SORRY NOT SORRY (feat. Nas, JAY-Z & James Fauntleroy) – Harmonies by The Hive – DJ Khaled


When DJ Khaled brings together Nas, JAY-Z, and James Fauntleroy with a sprinkle of Harmonies by The Hive, you best believe that track’s gonna be straight fire. “SORRY NOT SORRY” ain’t just a song; it’s a flex, a victory lap for hip-hop royalty sittin’ pretty at the pinnacle of success. These lyrical titans link up to deliver a sermon of triumph, laced over Khaled’s smooth, soulful production.

Peep the game here – Nas and Hov, they trade verses about their rags-to-riches stories, not just surviving but thriving in the concrete jungle where dreams are made. They’ve risen like phoenixes from the ashes of their early struggles, stacking cryptocurrency like modern-day Scarfaces and toasting to their legacy with top-shelf liquor. There’s no room for apologies or regrets, only the sweet taste of achievements so grand they’re celestial. James Fauntleroy’s velvety hooks and the background harmonies amplify the track’s regal vibe, making “SORRY NOT SORRY” an anthem for anyone out there grinding and shining against the odds, illustrating once again, Khaled’s genius in orchestrating a collaboration that’ll echo in the halls of hip-hop fame for generations.

19. BILLS PAID (feat. Latto & City Girls) – DJ Khaled


DJ Khaled orchestrates this banger, where Latto and City Girls ain’t just stepping into the power circle—they own it. They’re not asking; they’re demanding, with a flow that’s all about securing the bag and ensuring their needs are met without compromise.

The lyrics are a manifesto of self-worth, delivered with the raw, unapologetic energy that’s become the signature of female emcees flipping the script on traditional gender roles. These women rap about financial autonomy with the kind of confidence that turns heads and opens wallets. They’re laying down the law for their suitors: come correct or don’t come at all. Whether it’s the bling, the threads, or the rent, if you want to be in their space, you gotta pay to play. Latto and City Girls make it clear they’re not just in the game—they’re leading it, setting the tone for ladies everywhere who are down for the hustle but not for the nonsense.

18. Out Here Grindin’ – DJ Khaled

We Global

A rallying cry for the relentless pursuit of success, this track pulls together a dream team of hip-hop luminaries, including Akon, Rick Ross, Plies, Lil Boosie, Ace Hood, and Trick Daddy, who each drop bars about their grind and rise in the game. Khaled orchestrates this powerhouse collaboration, where each verse delves into personal tales of struggle and hustle, emphasizing the unwavering work ethic needed to dominate the streets and the industry. The rappers share their relentless determination, making it clear that sleep is secondary to success and that they are driven by an insatiable desire to achieve their goals. DJ Khaled acts as the architect of this gritty soundscape, fusing raw lyrics with hard-hitting beats to craft an ode to the grind that resonates with anyone striving for their peak, in the streets or beyond.

17. WE GOING CRAZY (feat. H.E.R. & Migos) – DJ Khaled


and the hard-hitting trio Migos, be hitting different. Khaled, who’s known for orchestrating joints with the illest choruses and the most banging beats, doesn’t disappoint with this one. The anthem embodies the hustle and unstoppable grind synonymous with Khaled’s brand, We The Best Music. H.E.R. comes through dripping with grace, laying down a vibe of winning against all odds, while Migos steps to the plate, batting bars about elevation, wealth, and never looking back. Khaled’s braggadocio on orchestrating only mega-hits is on full display as the track champions the relentless pursuit of success and turning that crazy energy into a lifestyle. It’s a toast to triumph, a nod to the grind, and a rally cry to anyone on their way up, signalling that no peak is too high when you’re out here flexing genius-level collaboration moves like Khaled.

16. Welcome To My Hood – Remix – DJ Khaled

We The Best Forever

This isn’t just any block party—it’s the all-star lineup of hard hitters and lyrical sharpshooters bringing their A-game to the asphalt. The track serves as an anthem of survival and success, gritty and laced with the pride of those whose credentials are stamped by the streets that raised them. Each verse is a passport stamp from hoods far and wide, delivered with a ferocity that only those from the trenches could muster.

With the likes of Ludacris, T-Pain, Mavado, and others laying bars over that Khaled-crafted soundscape, what unfolds is a relentless display of lyrical prowess meeting the rugged beats. From sipping slow with the top down to the omnipresent hum of police sirens, they showcase the dualities of street life—hardship and brotherhood, danger and loyalty. It’s a panoramic shot of the hood at its rawest, defined by the rules that govern it, and a reminder that, in this concrete jungle, recognition is earned, not given. Khaled’s remix isn’t just a track—it’s a testament to the sweat and swagger of the streets, a heavyweight belt hoisted high by the champions of the game.

15. Shining (feat. Beyoncé & Jay-Z) – DJ Khaled


This track is like the victory lap for music’s royal couple, laced over Khaled’s celebratory beats. Bey brings the heat with references to her relentless success and the iconic presence she commands in the industry—ain’t nobody dimming her shine. She throws down on the chorus with an empowering mantra about winning through every season. Got us all feeling like we’re on top even if our bank accounts tell a different story.

Then Hov steps in, and it’s braggadocio on a hundred, man. Jay is spitting bars about his industry clout, framing his success not just in plaques and Grammys but straight-up longevity and influence. He tosses out a shoutout to Khaled, showing love for past collaborations and setting the tone for more heavyweight moves in the future. “Shining” isn’t just a track; it’s a statement piece that blings out every time it hits your speakers, reminding you that these legends ain’t just playing the game—they’re defining it.

14. KEEP GOING (feat. Lil Durk, 21 Savage & Roddy Ricch) – DJ Khaled


Assembling a hit squad of rap’s lyrical sharpshooters: Lil Durk, 21 Savage, and Roddy Ricch, the track isn’t just a collaboration, it’s a testament to resilience and overcoming adversity. The tempo is a heartbeat; it pulses with the narrative of men who have witnessed life’s darker shades yet refuse to be defined by them. Durk and Savage, with their respective verses, paint a vivid image of the rawness of street life, conveying both the psychological wear and the relentless spirit it engenders. Roddy Ricch’s hook echoes the sentiment of enduring trials, while Khaled’s signature ad-libs thread these tales together, forming a soundtrack for those who rise despite the odds. The underlying ethos? No matter how fierce the spin of life’s cycle, the grind must continue—the only direction to move is forward, to keep going. It’s a raw slice of life from the trap, served with a side of aspiration.

13. Take It To The Head – DJ Khaled

Kiss The Ring (Deluxe)

This track is all about letting loose and diving headfirst into the indulgences that success brings. From the get-go, Khaled and his cohorts aren’t just sipping from the cup of victory; they’re downing it in one, leaving no room for second-guessing with a chorus that encourages living in the moment and taking bold strides. The narrative weaves between the luxurious life, filled with exclusive shopping sprees and high-end brands, to the assertive and confident nature of the artists that pivot around their cultural influence and individual successes. They describe a lifestyle where apologies are non-existent, and every action is unapologetically bold. At its core, the song is an anthem of empowerment, challenging listeners to seize the day and take it to the head—no excuses, no holding back.

12. BIG TIME (feat. Future & Lil Baby) – DJ Khaled


DJ Khaled orchestrates this anthem as the sound architect, fueling the fire with his iconic hype and ad-libs. The song is about making it big, so big that security’s on the clock 24/7, and ladies are inking your name on their skin as a sign of devotion. It’s a musical nod to the relentless grind and the opulence that comes with it. The artists boast about their dominance, over beats that hit with the precision of a money counter. From street cred to the glitz, they make it clear that their presence demands recognition. They’re charting new heights, not just in the game but in life, setting new standards for what it means to be “big time.” In essence, it’s a declaration of having crossed a threshold where every move you make sets off alarms, and every step is a statement.

11. IT AIN’T SAFE (feat. Nardo Wick & Kodak Black) – DJ Khaled


With Nardo Wick and Kodak Black riding shotgun, Khaled unleashes a soundtrack for those who find the allure in walking the fine line of high-risk scenarios. The lyrics flaunt an unapologetic bravado, tapping into the psyche of its collaborators who swagger through life without brakes, thriving in the heat of danger where it’s all gas, no stops.

This bruising banger leans heavy into the lexicon of the trap, where diamonds illuminate the darkness, and the raw energy of survival translates into a relentless pursuit of power and respect. The hook, repetitive and hypnotic, hammers home the mantra that entering their arena is a risk very few are ready to take. As the verses slice through the beat, there’s a palpable juxtaposition – vulnerable truths about rising from hardship contrast with the hardened exterior forged by the streets. Khaled, Wick, and Kodak echo a sentiment well understood in the hip hop community: The game is perilous, and only the most steadfast can navigate it while staying true to their roots.

10. Do You Mind (feat. Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future & Rick Ross) – DJ Khaled

Major Key

This joint right here? It’s a blend of tender keys and a laid-back beat, serving the foundation for an intimate conversation. The lyrical flow? It’s all about that vibe between potential lovers, the push-and-pull of attraction wrapped up in questions that probe into the depth of desire. And the roster? Sheesh, with the likes of Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future, and Rick Ross, you know it’s gonna be dripping with swagger and seduction.

These artists paint a luxurious picture of romance, where confidence meets sensuality head-on. The anthem unfolds in a smooth dialogue, each artist taking turns to step up and lay down their game. From lavish promises to raw passion, “Do You Mind” is all about that connection— and whether or not their interest reciprocates the feelings. We’re talking late-night vibes, the kind of track you spin when the party’s winding down but the night’s just getting started. It’s DJ Khaled flipping the script on what you’d expect, bringing something for the romantics disguised in a banger—trust, it’s a Khaled specialty.

9. Wish Wish (feat. Cardi B & 21 Savage) – DJ Khaled

Father Of Asahd

In this powerhouse anthem, Cardi comes through with a relentless flow, flexing about her wealth, status, and the respect she demands. Her lyrics are a celebration of her victories and a defiant stance against her detractors, laying down the law that she’s not one to be messed with. The Bronx queen’s bars are brimming with confidence, as she claims her place atop the game adorned in jewels – feeling like Slick Rick, no less.

On the flip side, 21 Savage enters the fray with his signature deadpan delivery, weaving through his verse with personal anecdotes and a nod to his street credibility. He makes it clear that his success story is a product of real grit, having risen from sleeping on pallets to counting millions. The synergy between Cardi’s brute force and 21’s calm assertiveness on “Wish Wish” creates an infectious energy that’s trademark Khaled – it’s a celebration of overcoming the odds, a salute to authenticity, and a stark reminder to never underestimate the hustle.

8. LET’S PRAY (feat. Don Toliver & Travis Scott) – DJ Khaled


Khaled, the maestro of collaborations, orchestrates a track that navigates the duality of calling on divine intervention while simultaneously asserting one’s place at the apex of the game. Toliver and Scott interweave their verses with a contemplative vibe, acknowledging the push and pull between earthly desires and the need for spiritual balance.

The lyrics delve into themes of competition and survival in a cutthroat landscape, where vulnerability is often masked by outward confidence. Both artists reflect on the human tendency to seek solace through higher powers when faced with life’s trials, juxtaposing this with the opulent lifestyle that success in the game affords. “LET’S PRAY” is thus a sonic exploration of the thin line between ambition and hubris, and the complex relationship between personal success and spiritual fulfillment.

7. Just Us (feat. SZA) – DJ Khaled

Father Of Asahd

Jackson”, and man, it’s a soulful ride. This track is all about resilience and partnership in the face of adversity, painting a picture of two against the world, a recurring theme in hip-hop’s rich storytelling tapestry. Khaled, the maestro of collaborations, once again proves he knows exactly which voices will elevate his anthems.

The lyrics, dripping with confidence and the audacity of hope, speak to overcoming life’s trials with your ride-or-die by your side. It’s an anthem for the underestimated and the hustlers, highlighting that when the smoke clears from life’s battles, all you need is each other – it’s always ‘us, never them.’ SZA brings her signature grace, delivering the message with a fierce yet velvety tone that says they’re not just surviving, they’re thriving – giving middle fingers to obstacles and living life on their terms. Indeed, “Just Us” is a testament to the power of loyalty and love in the ever-challenging game of life.

6. STAYING ALIVE (feat. Drake & Lil Baby) – DJ Khaled


The song taps into the ethos of perseverance, with each artist laying raw their refusal to be brought down by trials and tribulations. The lyrics speak of an unyielding spirit, a narrative familiar in hip hop’s odyssey – from struggle to triumph. They weave tales of personal challenges, confrontations with haters, and the complexities of relationships, all while maintaining their grip on success. Drake and Lil Baby trade verses about facing and overcoming attempts to undermine them. The hook rings as a resounding motto for anyone hustling to stay afloat and thrive against the odds. With this collaboration, DJ Khaled reinforces the notion that no matter how many times life tries you, staying alive isn’t just breathing—it’s rising above with unbreakable determination.

5. I’m the One (feat. Justin Bieber, Quavo, Chance the Rapper & Lil Wayne)

From the outset, it’s a straight flex, the boys staking claims as the “only real ones” on the scene. This anthem finds each artist professing their one-of-a-kind status, a theme they carry through with brash swagger and slick lyricism. A modern-day Bonnie and Clyde narrative runs through, laced with themes of fame, wealth and hedonism. The lyrics encapsulate the hip-hop ethos of aspiration and confidence, from grilled steaks to Gucci belts. Each verse is stamped with the signature style of its performer, over a backdrop of Khaled’s trademark hype. Though rant-filled and somewhat boastful, “I’m the One” plays like an audacious statement of self-affirmation, asserting each artist’s position atop the hip-hop pyramid.

4. POPSTAR (feat. Drake) – DJ Khaled


Drake. This joint’s a straight-up anthem, capturing that larger-than-life, untouchable status that comes when you’re at the top of the game. Drake’s spitting bars about the celebrity life, where every ring on his phone feels like another piece of his freedom getting snatched. But ain’t no mistaking, he’s vibing on a different wavelength; this is a life most can only dream about, from private jets to dodging the paparazzi and linking with A-listers.

Drake checks the flex at the door, making it clear that fame is a double-edged sword – it’s ain’t all about the glitter and glam. Despite the constant noise and chaos, the man’s on a mission, untangling himself from superficial ties and staying focused on his legacy. With Khaled orchestrating the beat, “POPSTAR” ain’t just a track, it’s a mood, a state of mind, a glimpse at the apex where hustle meets success. This track is a certified banger, no cap.

3. All I Do Is Win (feat. T-Pain, Ludacris, Snoop Dogg & Rick Ross) – DJ Khaled


This joint is more than just a track; it’s a victory lap on wax. T-Pain hits you with the infectious hook that could have you feelin’ invincible, no cap. Then Luda comes through with bars so tight, they could squeeze a dollar ’til George Washington screams. We talkin’ about a relentless pursuit of triumph, of stacking paper, and of never taking an L, regardless of what life tosses at you.

Snoop Dogg glides on the beat smoother than a ’64 Impala on a Sunday afternoon with his chill yet potent rhymes, while the Boss, Rick Ross, brings in that street gravitas, reminding us that this winnin’ is no joke—it’s hard-earned and proud. Each verse, each artist—they’re weaving this narrative of resilience, of comin’ up from the grind, from the “mud life,” as Ross puts it, to reach a pinnacle that’s all about winning, all day, every day. This ain’t just a song; it’s the hustler’s hymn, the competitor’s creed, the winner’s war cry.

2. EVERY CHANCE I GET (feat. Lil Baby & Lil Durk) – DJ Khaled


They’re flexing on this joint, no lie—talking about elevating from the grind to lavish living, and how they turn up the heat on the haters with every move. Lil Baby jumps in, painting pictures of a rags-to-riches life, the struggle solidifying him as he came up from shooting dice to rocking iced-out wrists. Durk complements with bars about credibility in the streets and the fickle nature of fame and loyalty. The hook is a mantra for hustlers everywhere, a declaration of taking every opportunity: a testament to relentless ambition and the trappings of success. In true Khaled fashion, the track doesn’t just beat; it booms with the promise of what you can get if you hustle hard, keep it real, and take EVERY CHANCE YOU GET.

1. Wild Thoughts (feat. Rihanna & Bryson Tiller) – DJ Khaled


The track samples the iconic guitar riff from Santana’s “Maria Maria,” lacing it with a sultry, summer vibe that’s all about unleashing those untamed desires. Riri steps to the mic and instantly lets her presence be known, talking ’bout how her vibe’s too intoxicating to handle, sending you straight to that lit zone where everything’s possible. Then you got Bryson Tiller sliding through, flipping the script and taking it to the bedroom, his verses dripping with that grown talk.

From the jump, “Wild Thoughts” is about that carnal craving, the kind of energy that comes alive in the heat of the night. It’s not about love; it’s the raw, unfiltered passion where inhibitions are checked at the door, and every moment feels like a shot of adrenaline to the heart. Khaled, the maestro himself, orchestrates this joint with a touch that makes it feel timeless yet so right now. That’s the power of “Wild Thoughts”—it’s an anthem for anyone who’s ever felt that wild side calling, begging to be let loose under the city lights.

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