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Every Feature on WE DON’T TRUST YOU by Future & Metro Boomin

Released: 2024

Label: Wilburn Holding Co./Boominati/Epic/Republic • Features: The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Playboi Carti, Kendrick Lamar, Rick Ross

Future and Metro Boomin have teamed up to deliver the heat with ‘WE DON’T TRUST YOU.’ While Metro’s production is the backbone of this whole project, Future’s brought in some reinforcements for select tracks. Let’s take a closer look at the featured artists who add their own spice to this already explosive mix.

1 Like That

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Features: Kendrick Lamar

With razor-sharp verses that glide over a haunting beat, the trio navigates the highs and lows of their journey, marking their territory in the game. Kendrick’s unmistakable flow brings a raw edge, highlighting the grit required to rise above adversity. A standout line, “Lost too many soldiers not to play it safe / If he walk around with that stick, it ain’t Andre 3K,” encapsulates the track’s essence, blending the real with the referential, and asserting their status not just as survivors, but as kings of their domain.

2 Cinderella

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Features: Travis Scott

It’s a tale of opulence, indulgence, and the underbelly of success, where conversations with the devil are as common as the luxury they’re draped in. A standout line, “Sip lean, talk to the devil,” encapsulates the track’s essence, highlighting the hedonistic cycle and the dire allure of the high life. The lyrics pivot around this allure, painting a vivid picture of the price of fame and fortune, juxtaposed with the pursuit of pleasure.

3 Type Shit

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Features: Travis Scott, Playboi Carti

With a blend of bravado and introspection, they touch on themes of trust, opulence, and the relentless pursuit of success amidst adversity. A standout moment is when Future declares, “I don’t hang with rats, that’s some new type shit,” encapsulating the ethos of maintaining integrity in an era where loyalty is often in question. This line hits hard, resonating as a mantra for those striving to stay true in a world filled with facades.

4 Young Metro

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Features: The Weeknd

The track, laced with repetitive chants that act as a mantra, delves into the psyche of a man emerging from the ashes of his past into a lavish present. A standout line, “Evel Knievel, Pluto told his heaters, ‘Leave nigga in the freezer,’ I’m big as a Beatle,” vividly encapsulates Future’s ascent from the fringes to becoming an icon, likening his impact to that of The Beatles. His journey, marked by resilience, is a testament to the grit required to navigate the terrain of success within the cutthroat industry, a narrative Future captures with raw fidelity.

5 Everyday Hustle

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Features: Rick Ross

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