I wasn’t around when Wu-Tang was popping off in the ’90s, but I can imagine that the Griselda movement is similar in energy.

With Westside, Conway and Benny’s family ties and the way they effortlessly jump on each other’s track, I could imagine this was what it was like when every Wu solo album felt like an extension of the Wu-Tang catalogue.

Over the past few years, Benny has consistently been in the discussions for best rapper alive, it’s between him and Freddie Gibbs at the moment, and it’s thanks to his significant output and incredible feature appearances.

So let’s get into it, here are the top 15 Benny the Butcher guest verses.

15. Westside Gunn – “The Butcher and The Blade”

Other rappers on the track: Conway the Machine, Westside Gunn

Producer: Daringer, Beat Butcha

Album: Who Made the Sunshine

Released: October 2, 2020

Best lines: “Bought my bitch a whip and she tried to race me home from the lot / Christian and Smith and Wesson, .380 go with the top”

You know it's gangster how I rock, when you greet me, respect me (Salute me)
Yeah, I'm made in my hood, ni**as treat me like Lefty (That's right)
I swear this brick spoke and said, "Take it easy, don't stretch me" (I won't)
Your favorite rapper call around, sayin' "Please, come protect me" (Pussy)
Yeah, we can see you up, but them ni**as around you starvin' (Damn)
Put my team in position, now I'm surrounded by bosses
Ni**as gettin' clipped, homicide questionin' my involvement (I don't know shit)
Cashin' out at the jeweler, y'all buyin' shit in installments
Patience, know it or not, now glaciers froze in the watch (Uh)
Bought my bitch a whip and she tried to race me home from the lot
Christian and Smith and Wesson, .380 go with the top
Hit her with the ice cubes and the dope gon' go into shock (Huh)
I'm relaxin' on six figures, trap been doin' numbers
Couple hundred from rap I'm payin' taxes on
Twenty Ps of Butcher Breath, habits that I shouldn't have kept (Uh-uh)
Dumpin' while I'm in my head countin' how many bullets left (Bullets left)
Cannon my ride, we never been in shit and do not slide
The opps get it in two days or less like Amazon Prime
You gon' hear the Butcher comin' (Butcher comin'), 'cause it's never gon' change
I came to smoke everything just like '07 Wayne (Uh)

14. Boldy James & The Alchemist – “Scrape the Bowl”

Other rappers on the track: Boldy James

Producer: The Alchemist

Album: The Price of Tea in China

Released: February 6, 2020

Best lines: “I channel my thoughts, dope in my scale, hand on my fork / We hustlers, prices double up when it land in New York”

I channel my thoughts, dope in my scale, hand on my fork
We hustlers, prices double up when it land in New York
Wait, name a clique with a rep substantial as ours
And the work so good, all the fiends compare you to God
Dope shooters walk my block like it's the Land of the Lost
I gave back to the ghetto, they never hand you awards
Cool, this for the homies that's dead, and in the yard
All the road trips to cop work what got my stamina strong
I got my bitch putting animal on
I got my first brick and copped cameras for the crib and the alarm
Two Os in the V like that Canada squad
Magic in the pot like I whip grams with a wand, yeah
This for the money, the hundreds left in the basement
The stash box we only touch on special occasions
Y'all not up 'cause y'all do it just to get famous
The plug hit me back, and I been destined for greatness

13. Lil Wayne – “Russian Roulette”

Other rappers on the track: Lil Wayne, Conway the Machine

Producer: Manny Galvez, Swede

Album: Funeral

Released: May 29, 2020

Best lines: “Turned felons into executives, made a half a mil’ and it felt great / Y’all ni**as just a lil’ late, got a big house on a lil’ lake”

Bust it down 'til the scale break, did a buck thirty on the beltway
Caught a bomb, Travis Kelce, 'fore we touch down, it's a tailgate
Piece lookin' like a milkshake, had to back up, give myself space
Fake statements and my health straight
I can't give a fuck what no one else say
So deep, it's like a jailbreak when the coupe slide down MLK
That's a bulletproof CLK, fire lands on the shelf case
Turned felons into executives, made a half a mil' and it felt great
Y'all ni**as just a lil' late, got a big house on a lil' lake
And we both know how the smoke go
Shots peel straight through a steel plate
Never throw stones when you know
You livin' in a glass house like you Bill Gates
Good on both coasts like I'm LJ, Bape store out in LA
Bougie ni**a even when I'm dead
Cause I'ma die and get to hell late, ugh

12. The Alchemist – “Sand Castles”

Other rappers on the track: Elcamino

Producer: The Alchemist

Album: Yacht Rock 2

Released: August 30, 2019

Best lines: “You owe the cartel that bread, they gon’ kidnap you / We the same, you owe it to the game, we gon’ head tap you”

Say hello to the good guy, at least I used to be
On tour, shows looking like Woodstock, it's kinda new to me
All these sticks, got it like wood shop, I keep like two or three
Plus my bitch body in tip-top, I push the Masi' in flip flops
I run around with this big Glock
Drive through Cleveland with a brick, hit your town for a pitstop
You know that swish shot?
It make the same sound when my wrist lock
Back when y'all was piss pots
I had a fork in my hand, pulling powder out fish pots, you know me
I'm in Atlanta doing eighty down Grand National
Who you know that took a brick and made sand castles?
You owe the cartel that bread, they gon' kidnap you
We the same, you owe it to the game, we gon' head tap you
My yellow bitch pussy good, I call her red Snapple
Get it, that pussy so good, I get the head after
You was cool 'til I advanced past you
Now you food, but when I'm gone they gon' build schools and statues

11. DMX – “Hood Blues”

Other rappers on the track: DMX, Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine

Producer: Avenue Beatz, Swizz Beatz

Album: Exodus

Released: May 25, 2021

Best lines: “Every game I feel like I’m Dame without a stopwatch / Shootin’ before the shot clock, Griselda got the top spot”

The Butcher comin', ni**a (Yo, uh, come on)
You know how I rock, six figures off Zaza (Uh-huh)
Come and spend at my shop (Uh-huh), I turn your hood to a hotspot (Uh-huh)
Every game I feel like I'm Dame without a stopwatch (Uh-huh)
Shootin' before the shot clock, Griselda got the top spot (Oh)
Locked down like a pawn shop, ni**a (Yeah), I'm thinkin', "Why not?" (Uh-huh)
I gave my life to the game, but what do I got?
Father these ni**as, how? I don't even know my pops (Ayy, ayy, ayy)
This flip phone that I got don't connect to the WiFi
Uh-huh, this new foreign shit with the wood on the door (Rrr)
Got me beefin' with some ni**as I could've put on (Rrr, that's fucked up)
They make up lies and put 'em in songs (They do, yeah)
I pull up to lots, cop, and down the block hear me pull in the yard (Skrrt)
Yeah, prayin' with my dirty hands (With my dirty hands)
I did dirt and scammed, I'm askin' God "Do I deserve these bands?" (Do I deserve these bands?)
And we from murder land, eastside shit
Jeans PURPLE BRAND (Ah), ridin' in the GLE, the turtle van (Talk to 'em, ah)

10. Westside Gunn – “98 Sabres”

Other rappers on the track: Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine, Armani Caesar

Producer: Just Blaze

Album: Who Made the Sunshine

Released: October 2, 2020

Best lines: “Ni**as know my flow sacred as a hundred chapels / I built another statue up from the gravel”

RIP to rappers I buried, left the trap and then married
I won a ring for every team I was on, like Vinatieri
I got the four-door too (Uh huh), so many whips, it's gettin' scary (Uh huh)
Book a photoshoot, y'all 'bout to need pics for obituaries
The GxF Rebels, any static, ni**a, we accept
Y'all ni**as should be in check, or BSF'll be at necks
When I say the beef lit, I don't mean a tweet or text (I don't mean that)
Shooters, I send three, no less, and let 'em take the CLS
Beef is I know where your people stay (I know), I don't need to flex (I don't)
But when you least expect it, I send a cleanup crew to each address (Brr)
Beef is a forever thing, careful when you speakin' threats
I achieved success and still can't even rest (Ah)
Took this street shit corporate, a dab of it, I just balanced it
Authentic, all this G shit I'm talkin', they never challenge it
Where I'm from, we ignorant, graduatin' average
Fuck that, if you can flip money, then you talented
Man, y'all lost, I could be payin' y'all off (Payin' off)
But I don't trip, 'cause y'all ni**as broke and y'all soft (Pussy)
Think I'm playin', y'all wrong, I'm frontin' when the grams all gone
Put a yellow band on my arm like I'm Lance Armstrong, ah

9. The LOX – “Think of the LOX”

Other rappers on the track: Styles P, Sheek Louch, Jadakiss, Westside Gunn

Producer: Large Professor

Album: Living Off Xperience

Released: August 28, 2020

Best lines: “I took my respect living off experience / Stories about my hood got me living all luxurious”

Ridin' through them blocks in all foreigns like a baby chariots
Had to run it up or these ni**as won't take me serious
Real life street shit, ni**as know how I carry it
She can't sit on this leather interior on her period (Nah)
About the get the coupe with the gun slide in the rear of it
The 2022 like I forgot what year it is
Wanted it, I went and got it, now I'm sharin' it (Uh-huh)
Toss the money bags in the closet, I built the pyramids (I did)
I took my respect living off experience
Stories about my hood got me living all luxurious
Racks on racks, stacked right in the closet
Need another stash house, I might get one in Yonkers, I did
Look how I benefited from them losses (From them losses)
Paying back connects, I'm paying all 'em lawyers
Got work if you ni**as can't afford you a verse
Still make my bitch ride with the joint in her purse

8. Conway the Machine – “Spurs 3”

Other rappers on the track: Conway the Machine, Westside Gunn

Producer: Beat Butcha

Album: From King to a God

Released: September 11, 2020

Best lines: “This a man’s world, you at your best when you middle aged / Streets waitin’, if I don’t drop, all the hustlers gon’ get enraged”

For pots with powder 'round the edges, this the grind that I perfected (Uh-huh)
I had to dodge a lot of questions from crooked homicide detectives
In a raid, white boys with vestes piled 'round the exits (Remember that)
Sawed-off shotgun, double barrel, I filed it down symmetric, yeah (Ni**a, ah)
I snap a finger, Scram'll clap the nina (Clap the nina)
You lost your bitch, I haven't seen her, the cash I bring in attractin' singers (Hahahaha)
A bag of heaters in the back of Bimmers (Skrrt)
Cocaine, thick gold chain like DMC in them black Adidas
I remember when it was dirt cheap (Uh-huh)
I don't know what you gon' name this, but it's soundin' like "Spurs 3" (Sound like "Spurs 3")
I earned keep, now everybody tryna get a verse free (Damn)
Jewels like we do Travis Scott numbers the first week, keep up
I don't mention y'all ni**as' names, pillow talkin', playin' little games (I don't do that)
This a man's world, you at your best when you middle aged (A man's world)
Streets waitin', if I don't drop, all the hustlers gon' get enraged (They waitin')
Room full of bitches, first we gon' fuck 'em, then get on stage (Ah)
Who knew? I up and married the game, no, ain't get engaged (Uh-uh)
On the prison yard next to a jack like a ten of spades (Ni**a)
Griselda, we applyin' the pressure into the game (Uh-huh)
These rap ni**as talk greasy on tracks and then explain, pussy

7. Westside Gunn – “George Bondo”

Other rappers on the track: Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine

Producer: Beat Butcha, Daringer

Album: Pray for Paris

Released: April 17, 2020

Best lines: “Think it’s a game until I Patrick Kane somebody homie / That’s slidin’ through with a stick, shootin’ one by the goalie”

Look back three years ago when ain't nobody know me (Nobody)
Now I treat this rap shit just like somebody owe me (Butcher comin', ni**a)
Think it's a game until I Patrick Kane somebody homie
That's slidin' through with a stick, shootin' one by the goalie (Brr)
I got nice, practice repeated, when rappers was decent
When you ain't leave the house unless your gat was matchin' your sneakers (Yeah)
Is y'all ni**a rappin' or tweetin'? (What else?) Stackin' or beefin'? (What y'all doin'?)
I get you whacked at The Venetian for blasphemous speakin', uh-huh
Watch band snakeskin, gang at the door, let the apes in
20K spent, that's how my day went
Bulletproof the foreign to feel safe in (I'm good)
Mirror smoke-grey tint, it's just to take trips to the bank in
Telly by the border, Glock on top of the covers (Uh huh)
The room next door got duffels stacked on top of each other
Me and my old plug alright (We cool), but we don't rock with each other
That was only business and we done did a lot for each other (I made that ni**a rich)
Yeah, I'll fuck around and leave the party with my tool ringin' (Boom, boom, boom, boom, let's go)
Jewels blingin', tailored suit like a blues singer
You know my Backwood like two fingers (Tuh), hustler, I'm the true meanin'
Turned one to two like I'm Houdini (My stove game still official)
Yeah, this for the corners that we anointed (Anointed)
Opened up with a small group of soldiers that I appointed (Uh)
I'm up due to all of the bullshit that I avoided
She suck, fuck, count up the money, but still annoyin'
It's Griselda, ni**a

6. Westside Gunn – “Brutus”

Other rappers on the track: Westside Gunn, Conway the Machine

Producer: Pete Rock

Album: Supreme Blientele

Released: June 22, 2018

Best lines: “They understand I paint these pictures ’cause I’m living like it / When I spit, it makes you feel like you got hit with lightning”

Ay, look
They understand I paint these pictures 'cause I'm living like it
When I spit, it makes you feel like you got hit with lightning (Uh huh)
I showed up with the whole shipment when my script was biting
Before 20, they put my name in a big indictment
My plug indecisive, same work, different prices, yeah
Baby Benz logo on the windshield wipers
And I got two possession charges for a pistol license
Weed trappers running out they building when I get to Dyckman
We blew whip money copping blue ice (Ice)
And spent brick money booking Jet Blue flights (Flights)
New white Christian Loubs with the blue spikes (Uh huh)
Maserati Levante with the blue lights, yeah (Blue lights)
Duffle in my trunk, bad on the wheel bearing (On my wheel bearing)
My dog came with 50 large to my bail hearing (Yeah)
The pot bust in 2010 and I can still hear it
I love my mom, but that hard was my real parent (Woo!)
Let's go, who run the city the most? (That's us)
I let this 50 off, then fill this bitch up with smoke (Brrrr!)
I ran my chips up so I can just pick up your ho
I get my dick sucked and then I convince her to go
Uh, it's me, fully loaded ratchet, I'm a pistol squeezer
I take off my jacket, see this big El Nino
With my bitch, jumping out of traffic in a little Beamer
Got the opps' names tatted on my trigger finger, AH!

5. Westside Gunn – “Shower Shoe Lords”

Other rappers on the track: Westside Gunn

Producer: Daringer


Released: March 11, 2016

Best lines: “Livin with regrets and I’m still willing to bear it / Plus the shoe fits and I’m still willing to wear it”

Uh, could've told my story on Oprah, 60 Minutes
How I earned plenty digits from risky business
What you know about a stint? Gotta sit for Christmas
Wifey on shit, that bitch missing visits
'Cause we was stretching white like Richard Simmons
Caught a case and the ni**a pled the 5th amendment
Yeah, you know the whip be rented and bricks be in it, uh
And I'ma get this chicken 'til my clique get sentenced
I need a stash in the wall that whole 90 pies
Word to me, I've been live since '95
Took a trip to get the bag like 90 times
Yeah, you got it from your plug, but it's probably mines
All I needed was a trap spot, scale and a plate
I ended up on a flat cot, cell upstate
Now I really need a black Glock, shells and a tank
Yeah, the shit'll get uglier than Welven Da Great
D's kicked in the door and snatched the full pound
My man paid ten stacks just to blow trial
Now he callin' home, tellin' the crew to slow down
I'd be rich if I knew then what I know now, uh
Livin with regrets and I'm still willing to bear it
Plus the shoe fits and I'm still willing to wear it
It's hard being a family man with interference
All the women and them trips to prison ended my marriage
I grew up with a few damn crooks that bake work up
Who used to have food stamp books and case workers
Me? I'm way further from a place you ain't heard of
Where you get rich, die trying and face murder
Where your best friends start to switch when the case surface
Where it's hard to trust a man who ain't nervous
I fell asleep with 50 grand in a locked apartment
That night, I had a dream like Dr. Martin, woo, yeah

4. Conway the Machine – “Tito’s Back”

Other rappers on the track: Conway the Machine, Westside Gunn

Producer: Daringer

Album: Look What I Became

Released: September 4, 2019

Best lines: “I went from playin’ with ninas and click-clackin’ them llamas / To walkin’ out of Neiman’s, mix-matchin’ designer”

I went from playin' with ninas and click-clackin' them llamas (Llamas)
To walkin' out of Neiman's, mix-matchin' designer (Uh)
I whip crack, I brought a brick back to my mama's (Yeah)
On a crash course, I wore a chin strap in the Honda (Skrrt)

I'm really with that, my clique packed full of piranhas (Yeah)
My shit clap, you'll get flipped back into the August (Doot, doot, doot, doot)
Left with money and dope like this pack was consignment
I tripled up my flip from pimp-slappin' the product 

Don't get extorted, motherfucker
Diamonds flawless, motherfucker (The Butcher comin')
Diamond chains attract bitches, that's why I bought this motherfucker
Continental Spur, I can barely park the motherfucker (Hahaha)
Got an app on my phone, that's how I start the motherfucker (Uh)

I'm from the town where they carry thirties and marry birdies
And all the young ni**as gettin' buried early
I went to war, held that cannon firmly
I got that tight wrist and a white bitch you only compare to Fergie

3. Westside Gunn – “Sensational Sherri”

Other rappers on the track: Westside Gunn

Producer: The Alchemist

Album: FLYGOD is an Awesome God

Released: July 5, 2019

Best lines: “Take a rapper chain, bring it here, I’ll gladly rock it / Me, West, and Conway like Mike, Bird, and Magic Johnson”

You might catch me dolo but the drum hold fifty
If the po' come get me, I might come home 60 (Damn)
If I get head in the whip, she might come home sticky (That shit sticky)
It worked, triple your worth if you move one load with me, and that's on God
You know when pies get measured, that's when ties get severed, ni**a
And we are never squashing, I like conflict better, uh
My name in conversations with accomplished legends
Anybody that rhyme pathetic done got beheaded
My ni**as in the field lettin' TECs off, ratchets pop (Brr)
And the rest in them hills and them rec yards shadowboxing
Take a rapper chain, bring it here, I'll gladly rock it (Let me have it)
Me, West, and Conway like Mike, Bird, and Magic Johnson
.44 mag, ski mask and the fabric cotton
My eyes done seen shit my kids can't imagine watching
Ni**a'll put you in the casket for the hat you rocking
Dope boy, I had to use a mattress as an extra pocket
They spend half they careers getting over (What?)
This nickel shoot like Kerry Kittles from Villanova
I used to take trips in the cab to get the coca
I still ride in the back of the whip getting chauffeured
Feds at my front door, try to leave the gang plugs and one more
I told him fuck it, as long as it come raw
I was there when it jumped off
This for my ni**a in the feds who won't get to see his son crawl
Let's go

2. Westside Gunn – “Gods Don’t Bleed”

Other rappers on the track: Westside Gunn, Jadakiss

Producer: Daringer

Album: Supreme Blientele

Released: June 22, 2018

Best lines: “We put it on tracks, these rappers copy and pasting it / Take Belichick playbook and still won’t be the Patriots”

Even the FBI said the squad was violent
They labeled us young, wild, and homicidal
But hustlers treat my last shit like it's some kind of Bible
'Cause I drove with my last brick in a Honda Pilot
Missing fathers, he never got his guidance
Got in the game, and never got to get his input when I decided
It's not surprising, ni**as not as nice as Griselda
And I'm as bright as my elders, Off-White at Coachella
How you on parole with a curfew and some beef?
Don't shit where you eat, the first rule of the streets
And depending what I'm paying, I could send 'em where you laying
Body snatcher jumping out the Renault with it in his hand
Had to take a few trips just to kick it with my man
Like did he give us what I'm planned, I guess I'm filling up the van, uh
Bring it back in bales but distribute it in grams
Conversations in the cell, where most criminals advance
Let's backtrack, had my first daughter with my first wife
Bought my first quarter, caught my first stripe
Set up by a ni**a, I served twice
He got picked up, then he bitched up, like he was 'bout to serve life
I turn dope to dollars, how you explain that?
Straight facts, blood on the money when it got paid back
You know them hustlers who sling packs
I'm tying with them same cats in case I gotta get my name back
All them nights I had to pray for this, they gon' pay for this
No mistaking it, got a safe with no more space in it
We put it on tracks, these rappers copy and pasting it
Take Belichick playbook and still won't be the Patriots
Y'all shocked, I'm out your league by a long shot
My team gave the city smoke like cigar shops, damn
They tryna get my man what Saddam got
Say my name and wake these ni**as up like alarm clocks

1. Freddie Gibbs & The Alchemist – “Frank Lucas”

Other rappers on the track: Freddie Gibbs

Producer: The Alchemist

Album: Alfredo

Released: May 29, 2020

Best lines: “Sold lines to abusers, now abuse y’all with lines / I’m in this black thing, Heem just a few cars behind”

Bury me with ratchets
Let the feds tell it, apparently I'm active
Gucci hoodie smell like kerosene and ashes
Don't get carried away
I been up, and look how carefully I stack it
Got your advance check buried in the mattress
We the Yankees on a pennant run
You needed soldiers, I heard you rented some
Tellin' war stories and you ain't been in none
But look what I converted to
From lettin' burners loose out convertibles (Skrrt)
My bitch gon' be the driver for a purse or two
Nah, my finger never could point
You know pussy best when it's moist
Got a hammer and a brick from a plug I met in the joint
Miami, Super Bowl weekend, I got head in a Royce (Uh-huh)
We chasin' cheddar of course, I wouldn't care if it's Deutsch (Ni**a, fuck)
It was either law school or dog food
If I was makin' y'all moves, we all lose
Make these sucker ni**as pay, those was our rules (Brrt)
You gon' need more guns and lucky horseshoes
Never took an L, but a few lost to mine (A few)
New loft downtown and this view was hard to find
Sold lines to abusers, now abuse y'all with lines
I'm in this black thing, Heem just a few cars behind
I bought two of everything, they said, "Dude lost his mind" (Ayy, you crazy)
Two gold Cubans like I'm tryin' too hard to shine
Two whips, one a coupe that's too small to drive (What else?)
Two-car garage (Uh-huh), two-broad massage, yeah
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