From the blue-collar boroughs of West London, AJ Tracey has ascended, dropped bars first to the grime scene before mutating into a UK hip-hop behemoth. You’d be a greenhorn if you don’t reckon with his jabber, his delivery slaps and his cadence is nang! His meteoric rise is catalysed by an eclectic blend of tracks that fused the raw intensity of grime, the infectious beats of hip-hop, and the dancehall of his Trinidadian heritage.

From his self-titled debut album, ‘AJ Tracey,’ to his most recent work ‘Flu Game,’ every track is a testament to his lyrical prowess. Marrying catchy hooks with high-res imagery, Tracey birthed bangers like ‘Ladbroke Grove’ which reimagined grime’s sonic architecture. Then there are anthems like ‘Butterflies’ showcasing his versatility; moving from grime to Afro-swing without missing a beat, and ‘Anxious’ where he flexes his pen game over a drill-infused beat. Collaborations with artists like Not3s, MoStack, NAV, and the iconic T-Pain are testament to his mercurial talent and mainstream appeal.

His music encompasses all the grit, hustle, and glamour of his Ladbroke Grove stomping ground while reflecting the ever-evolving UK hip-hop landscape. These 25 songs encapsulate the girth and depth of AJ Tracey’s musical journey, each track sterling in its own right, pulsating with the energy of London’s streets and the rhythmic collision of cultures that defines UK hip-hop.

So let’s get into it. From Draft Pick to Ladbroke Grove, here are the Top 25 AJ Tracey Songs: Best of All Albums.

25. Draft Pick

Released in 2018 under the EP “Secure The Bag!”, this track’s got AJ showcasing his raw lyrical prowess, laying it all down over a steely, ice-cold grime instrumental. His flow? Razor-sharp. His bars? Loaded with cleverly strewn football references, a nod to his West London roots. It’s in the rawness of “Draft Pick” you get a peek into the beginnings of AJ’s growth as an artist. A sign of things to come, a glimpse into the trajectory that’s brought him into today’s UK Hip-hop spotlight. A golden tune indeed, but there’s more to this lad’s discography. So, let’s keep moving, yeah?

24. Yumeko

The track’s a blend of wavy trap-inflected production and witty rhymes. D’you know what it’s about? AJ’s love for anime, particularly “Kakegurui” – a series centred around high-stakes gambling. The bloke uses anime references to draw parallels with his grind and rise to the top of the UK hip-hop scene. It’s like he’s rolling the dice, playing his cards right and coming up trumps, right? A bloody flirtation with Japanese culture, the track echoes the global influence of hip-hop and showcases AJ Tracey’s ability to reshape it for a UK audience.

23. Cheerleaders

Cheerleaders isn’t just a tune, it’s a statement. AJ’s flexing his cultural nous, reflecting on the US’s influence on UK hip-hop, while maintaining that vital London edge. The production? I’m talking a dynamic combo of grime’s grit and trap’s spit-polish, sprinkled with a dash of Caribbean dancehall flavour. It’s a lively, high-energy banger – completely encapsulating AJ’s playful swagger and braggadocious style. The bloke’s lyrical prowess is on full display, embodying the spirit of hip-hop: busting boundaries, blending influences, and ultimately, challenging the status quo. It’s electric enough to get any crowd jumping, just like a real cheerleading squad, right? A vital addition to any AJ Tracey fan’s playlist.

22. Perfect Storm

AJ Tracey swaps the energetic grime for a more chilled vibe on this track. It’s meant to be all romantic, but it falls a bit flat. Too much reliance on syrupy auto-tuned vocals instead of his signature sharp delivery. The production, while slick as ever, lacks the punch we’ve come to expect. However, the track does highlight AJ’s willingness to push boundaries and experiment with different styles, even if the results aren’t always a resounding success. It ain’t the best cup of tea, but it’s certainly not bland either. Each for their own, innit?

21. Alakazam

Forming a potent trinity with JME and Denzel Curry, AJ Tracey lays down hard bars on a rhythmical beat. There’s no faffing about here; it’s straight talk and raw rhymes, delivered in proper grime style. The remarkable chemistry between the trio infuses the track with an energy that pulses from start to finish, a testament to the power of collaboration in the UK hip-hop scene. Distinctly British in its textures while embracing international influence, “Alakazam” showcases AJ Tracey’s versatility and his knack for bridging gaps – whether that’s between genres, cultures or coasts.

20. Eurostep

“Eurostep” is a dash of rap, with a heavy sprinkle of trap and grime. It’s named after a nimble basketball move, which perfectly sums up AJ’s approach to the game of UK hip-hop. He darts around the scene, creatively evading the predictability of the genre like a seasoned baller duping his defender. The track slickly weaves braggadocious rhymes with beats to cause an earthquake, embodying AJ’s nonchalant yet hard-hitting style. With “Eurostep”, AJ leaves footprints on the sands of UK hip-hop, proving his flexibility and standing as one of the genre’s most dynamic figures.

19. Summertime Shootout (feat. T-Pain)

Oi oi, this ‘ere tune. The addition of T-Pain to a UK track, one can’t help but wonder, is it gonna work? Well, it blummin’ does. AJ goes toe-to-toe with the auto-tune maestro on a track that skirts the line between gritty UK hip-hop and the bounce of classic US rap. The result? A tune that radiates summery vibes, sliding seamlessly into road trip playlists, backyard BBQs, and long nights out. The verses are split between the two artists, with T-Pain’s signature style counterbalancing AJ’s grime roots, resulting in an intercontinental vibe that works surprisingly well. Fans might argue it’s not AJ’s defining style, but it shows he ain’t afraid to mix his flow up. Talent’s talent, right?

18. Reasonable

In true AJ style, he narrates his journey with an unapologetic honesty, intertwining his grime-infused bars with compelling narratives of escaping the urban hustle and reaching for heights few can only dream of. Tackling gritty themes in a world framed by glitz and glamour, AJ’s alchemy of witty rhymes and stories of resilience never fails to pack a punch in the heart of his listeners. Yet, despite the intensity, he always tempers it with a smooth flow that’s too addictive to ignore. Still as sharp as a Haringey hawker but already broad as the Thames, “Reasonable” is a stunning testament to AJ Tracey’s undeniable mark in the UK hip-hop scene.

17. Ladbroke Grove (Remix) [feat. General Levy & Novelist]

Without a shadow of a doubt, this tune takes us back to the roots of the UK garage scene. Powered by a driving beat that emulates the nostalgic sound of pirate radio days, it’s a heady mix of fast-paced lyricism and carefree dance vibes. AJ pays respect to his West London upbringing, cleverly weaving his life’s tapestry into the mix. The addition of legends General Levy & Novelist elevates the tune to extraordinary heights – their iconic styles blending seamlessly with AJ’s modern takes. It’s the perfect homage to the yesteryears while tag-teaming with today’s sound. Side by side with these powerhouses, AJ’s tenacity shines out, positioning him not as an apprentice in the game but a leader navigating its future. The remix of “Ladbroke Grove” is a phenomenal auditory journey worth boarding.

16. West Ten

A synth-laden, dance floor igniter that pairs AJ Tracey with the velvety vocals of fellow Brit, Mabel. This tune carries a modern, bass-heavy nod to the UK garage classic, seamlessly blending sultry verses with a high-energy chorus. The chemistry between these two artists is undeniable, their styles intertwine and flirt with each other. The result is an irresistible, musical mating dance. But it’s not all about the rhythm; the lyrics paint a vivid picture of the nocturnal, lively energy of West London, which forms the core heart of this tune. Both AJ and Mabel have West London roots and their shared experiences and love for the area truly reflects in this banger. In “West Ten”, AJ’s lyrical prowess and sense of place come to the forefront, making it an unmissable entry in his discography.

15. Psych Out!

AJ Tracey turns up the heat with this melodic banger, proving once again why he’s got the Midas touch in the UK’s hip-hop scene. Like a master alchemist, he merges his gritty cadence with a catchy rhythm that coasts on a wave of infectious energy. From start to finish, the track feels like a thrilling joyride – showcasing AJ’s versatility while the snappy lyrics delve into his flamboyant lifestyle. It’s a testament to his maturing musical style and his masterful storytelling prowess. Ultimately, “Psych Out!” underscores AJ’s rightful place in the UK hip-hop royal roster.

14. Anxious

With this tune, AJ cleverly weaves a narrative of anticipation, uncertainty, and vulnerability, leaning into the more introspective side of his persona. His delivery is crisp, candid, and compelling – presenting a masterclass in storytelling. The musical composition is equally captivating, drawing on elements of trap and grime while remaining unequivocally AJ Tracey. Instrumentally, it’s a pulsating rhythm that gets the blood pumping and heads nodding. Yet, it’s his lyrical prowess that truly sets “Anxious” apart. AJ conveys the highs, lows, and apprehensive moments with a raw honesty that echoes throughout this unforgettable slice of UK hip-hop. Indeed, “Anxious” is a testament to AJ Tracey’s evolution as an artist and a beacon of UK hip-hop’s bright future.

13. Quarterback (Secure The Bag!)

Laden with sports and street references, the lyrical quality is akin to a well-thrown spiral, hitting the mark every time with finesse. The pulsating beat echoes the adrenaline rush of a last-minute touchdown, encapsulating a sense of urgency that’s hard to ignore. Each flow switch is a metaphorical sidestep, evading the tackles of mediocrity with ease. “Quarterback” is a testament to AJ’s play-calling supremacy in the UK Hip-Hop game. It’s not just a song; it’s a bloody hail mary in musical form. Secure the bag? More like, secure the legacy, mate!

12. Coupé (feat. Kehlani)

This transatlantic pairing of talents creates a kaleidoscope of sounds that resonates deeply. The auditory synergy between AJ’s grime-influenced verses and Kehlani’s sultry chorus is nothing short of brilliant. AJ proves once again that he’s got the chops to stand shoulder to shoulder with international talent, while Kehlani’s feature adds a refreshing spice to the mix. A true demonstration of Tracey’s global appeal and characteristically bold experimentation, “Coupé” cuts to the heart of what makes his music so compelling.

11. Kukoč (feat. NAV)

NAV brings the heat, blending AJ Tracey’s hard-hitting wordplay with NAV’s melodic flow in a meeting of styles that radiates confidence. Named after the legendary basketball player Toni Kukoč, AJ and NAV step into the arena delivering their verses with a sportsman’s precision and flair. AJ’s bars are lyrically potent, evoking vivid imagery and loaded with references that true hip-hop heads can appreciate. NAV swoops in on the chorus, his voice a soothing contrast to AJ’s raw energy, enriching the track with layers of depth. Produced by the genius that is Axl Beats, the track’s instrumental is ripe with a bass-heavy trap beat that sets the perfect stage. The result is bangin’ – a testament to AJ’s versatility and ability to dominate every beat he graces.

10. LO(V/S)ER

The song has him dropping truth bombs with casual ease, dipping into themes of love, loss, and the harsh realities of fame. This ain’t your standard fare; it’s a brooding, introspective piece that lays bare the emotional toll of success. With a beat that captures the grit of London streets and AJ’s starkly honest lyrics, “LO(V/S)ER” isn’t just a tune. It’s a snapshot of a man wrestling with the limelight’s glare and his own demons. A compelling narrative, it’s a testament that AJ ain’t just another emcee on the block; he’s a storyteller par excellence.

9. Wifey Riddim 3

The production, while slick and contemporary, carries a nostalgic pulse reminiscent of UK garage and early grime. Tracey’s lyrical prowess shines here, with his lines weaving seamlessly between love-struck admiration and the grittier aspects of his reality. A testament to his roots in the Ladbroke Grove, the track holds a mirror to the multifaceted nature of urban love in the midst of the estate life. It’s a love song, yes, but one presented in AJ Tracey’s unique, unapologetically raw style. The third part in a series, it aptly showcases his growth as an artist, while paying homage to his roots.

8. Kiss and Tell

Laden with AJ’s lyrical finesse, unravels an intricate tale of complex relationships with a touch of self-deprecating humour mixed into the strong beats and swaggering rhythm. The hook, written and performed by AJ, is a melodious yearning for authenticity and truth, a hallmark of AJ’s music that resonates deeply with audiences. The production, meticulously crafted, marries soulful R&B undertones with traditional hip hop beats, offering listeners a diverse sonic palette that complements AJ’s lyrical storytelling. Ultimately, “Kiss and Tell” plays like a rollercoaster of emotions, exquisitely wound together by AJ’s linguistic prowess, proving yet again why he’s one of the best to have touched the mic in UK hip-hop.

7. Butterflies (feat. Not3s)

When AJ Tracey teamed up with Not3s for “Butterflies”, he blessed the UK hip-hop scene with a sizzling summer anthem. This track steers clear from Tracey’s hallmark grime style, instead opting for a dancehall-infused beat that’s infectious as they come. Not3s’ hook is pure vibes, making it impossible not to catch feelings for the tune. The lyrics are a flirty foray into romance, showing a softer side of AJ but without losing the raw edge that sets him apart. At its core, “Butterflies” is a breezy, feel-good banger that showcased AJ’s knack for fusing elements of Afro-swing into his sound. Trust me, it’s prime festival material.

6. Wifey Riddim

The track is replete with cocky yet endearing braggadocio, as Tracey showcases his prowess in navigating the worlds of romance and underground street culture with a distinct urban precision. His wordplay syncs flawlessly with the rhythmic underpinnings, showcasing his versatility as a lyricist. More than just a song, it’s a snapshot of Tracey’s artistic journey, capturing the raw essence of UK urban life and the nuances of romantic relationships within it. This foundational track paved the way for the subsequent iterations of the ‘Wifey Riddim’ series and set a high bar for Tracey’s catalogue.

5. West Ten (with Mabel)

Celebrating his West London roots, AJ intermingles intimate disclosures with an infectious chorus, revealing a hypnotic UK garage-infused melody that’s powerfully addictive. Meanwhile, Mabel’s silky vocals add an essential pop layer to this urban anthem – they’re the chilli and chocolate of the musical world, an odd mix at first glance but a sensory delight upon tasting. From the poignant lyrics to the pulsating rhythm, “West Ten” encapsulates the electric energy of London nights and the euphoria of youth. This track is a testament to AJ’s versatility, merging different musical styles to create this enduring UK hip-hop classic. Without a doubt, this tune is a certified banger.

4. Dinner Guest (feat. MoStack)

Linking up with the gritty MoStack, they matched bars on a playful, dance-infused instrumental, flipping the narrative with candid references to securing the bag rather than that typical dinner date scenario. The tune, dripping with rhythm and swagger, infused a sense of lightheartedness into Tracey’s hard-spitting hip-hop repertoire. MoStack’s laid-back style was the perfect foil for AJ’s animated delivery, creating a unique synergy that got everyone moving. With its catchy hook and dynamic verse exchanges, “Dinner Guest” reinforced Tracey’s status as a versatile artist, smashing commercial success without compromising his grime roots. Cheeky, memorable, and just all-around fire – that’s “Dinner Guest” for you.

3. Seoul

On this track, Tracey beautifully intertwines elements of traditional UK grime with more international sounds, underpinning his lyrical onslaught with an intricate beat that’s as globally minded as the lyrics themselves. His mesmerising wordplay blends big-city bravado with a nuanced understanding of cross-cultural themes, resulting in a track that transcends borders and stands as proof of his status as a global force in hip-hop. It brilliantly encapsulates Tracey’s evolution from a west London wordsmith to an international player in the music game. “Seoul” is a testament to Tracey’s versatility as he continues to redefine the scope and sound of UK hip-hop.

2. Little More Love

This tune is as gritty as they come – it’s no-holds-barred AJ, dishing out introspective bars with a finesse that only a few in the UK scene possess. Driven by an ominous yet infectious beat that echoes the hard knocks of life on London streets, the track further underscores AJ’s command over storytelling. It’s a raw, emotional ride – no glitz, no glamour, just pure, unadulterated honesty. “Little More Love” is a potent reminder that AJ Tracey is much more than a rap star – he’s a vital voice in the UK hip-hop narrative.

1. Ladbroke Grove

When it comes to UK hip-hop anthems, very few come close to the status that “Ladbroke Grove” holds. This is AJ Tracey’s homage to his home turf, encapsulating the essence of the streets and sounds that shaped him. Tracey quite literally hit the retro bullseye, delving into the archives to dig out that vintage garage sound, giving us nostalgic vibes and commercial appeal all in one track. The clever sampling of Jorja Smith and General Levy lent it an air of authenticity, bridging the gap between the old and new generations of UK music. The track, complete with its infectious hooks, served as a testament to Tracey’s ability to synthesise disparate musical elements and cultures into a coherent sound. A modern classic, without a shadow of doubt!

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