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Freeway & Jake One Enlist Jadakiss For New Single “Ringin”: Stream Now

Freeway, Jake One, and Jadakiss are back with a powerhouse new single, “Ringin.” The track showcases their signature East Coast style with energetic deliveries and a tough beat.

Once upon a time, Freeway and Jadakiss had beef, but they’ve since moved on to create amazing music together. Their latest collaboration, “Ringin,” is a perfect example of this. The song features a Jake One beat that’s as bombastic as you’d expect, with boisterous horns, a stark drum break, and occasional warbled synths. The result is a lavish and triumphant sound that sets the stage for both MCs to deliver confident and high-energy verses.

Recently, Freeway has been vocal about how rap beef has affected him deeply, so it’s refreshing to see him and Jadakiss putting their past differences aside for the sake of music. Their lyrical content touches on familiar themes: the contrast between street life and industry success, material privileges, and hard work. While the bars might not break new ground, they hit hard thanks to the unique delivery of each rapper—whether it’s Freeway’s aggressive yelps or Jadakiss’s menacing growls.

Jake One’s production is consistent throughout the track, using the same drum and horn loops to give both lyricists plenty of space to shine. Sometimes, a tried-and-true formula is all you need to make a banger.

If you haven’t heard “Ringin” yet, it’s available on all streaming platforms, and there’s a music video to check out as well. Below are some standout bars from the track:

“Was making bags at a stowaway house, Had to fight through the confusion, had to shoot our way out, Shout out to all the women holding lead in they blouse, this street life is an illusion, it’s a better way out”

Freeway, Jake One, and Jadakiss deliver a hard-hitting track with “Ringin,” proving that even old beef can make way for great music.

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