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Meaning behind the Lyrics ‘Need to Know’ by ‘Doja Cat’

Now let’s dive deep into “Need to Know” by Doja Cat, an assertive anthem that takes a bold departure from the societal norms and stereotypes surrounding female sexuality. This track celebrates female desire, autonomy, and curiosity, with Doja Cat unflinchingly speaking her truth about sexual liberation and exploration.

Right from the jump, lyrics like “Yeah, wanna know what it’s like (like) / Baby, show me what it’s like” highlight Doja Cat’s open curiosity about sexual experiences. Although society tends to paint women as passive recipients of sexual desire, Doja flips the script, asserting her own needs and desires. The repeated phrase “Baby, I need to know” underscores the urgency of her curiosity and the power in owning her desires.

If we dig into the lyrics “Might just fuck him with my makeup on (yeah) /Eat it like I need an apron on (yuh, ayy)”, Doja uses cheeky kitchen and beauty parlance to describe her sexual prowess. The references to the mundane act of eating and applying makeup flips the script, serving as metaphors for the sexual acts she’s describing.

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Moving onto “You’re exciting, boy, come find me / Your eyes told me, ‘Girl, come ride me’ / Fuck that feeling, both us fighting,” she’s exploring the tension and anticipation that builds up before a sexual encounter, posing it as a game, a seductive play. It’s a dance of seduction, a back-and-forth she’s willing to lead.

Following up to “Poof, pussy like an Alakazam,” she’s keeping it playful with this Pokémon reference (Alakazam being a character known for its speed and magic). It’s a confident, fun way to talk about her magic in the bedroom. And when she throws down “I heard from a friend of a friend / That that dick was a ten out of ten”, she’s demonstrating that she’s unafraid to discuss candidly about sexual performance, a topic often considered taboo.

The lyrics “Spank me, slap me, choke me, bite me / Uh, wait, I can take it (ah)” are a bold declaration of her sexual preferences, emphasizing consent and her ability to voice her desires unapologetically.

To wrap it up, “Need to Know” by Doja Cat is a fearless exploration of female sexual agency, turning the societal tables and owning the narrative. The song encourages listeners to embrace their own desires, communicating them without fear or inhibitions – in essence, this is more than just a saucy club banger, it’s a power-packed anthem of sexual liberation.

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