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Meaning of the song ‘Say So’ by ‘Doja Cat’

Released: 2019

“Say So” by Doja Cat is a disco-infused pop-hip-hop track that masterfully explores desire, hesitation, and the need for clear communication in a blossoming romance. The song serves as an empowering call to action, urging lovers to express their feelings plainly, without fear or inhibition.

As Doja Cat dives into the first verse, she’s painting a picture of a romantic interest that’s caught in their feelings, “You ain’t coming out your shell / You ain’t really been yourself”. Her lover is stuck, struggling to articulate their emotions. Doja, being intuitive and “good at reading”, senses this hesitation. The next lines, “And we can dance all day around it / If you frontin’, I’ll be bouncing”, reveal her impatience with the uncertainty and the games. She’s willing to walk away, highlighting the importance of honesty and straightforwardness in her relationships.

Next, the chorus serves as Doja’s plea to her love interest, insisting that they be open about their feelings—“Why don’t you say so?” The phrase “No punches left to roll with” is a metaphoric language that suggests their lack of attempt in expressing their emotions.

Doja begins her second verse by making her intentions very clear—she wants her lover to take action, to be assertive: “Boy, stop playing, grab my ass/ Why you actin’ like you shy?” Here, she’s pushing the conversation beyond platonic boundaries, signifying her readiness for progression in their relationship. The lines, “Never knock it ’til you try (yah, yah) / All of them bitches hating I have you with me” imply a rebellious move against societal norms and jealous onlookers.

In the world of hip-hop, Doja Cat’s “Say So” takes a turn from the usual boastful self-image and daunting narratives. Instead, it centers around a playful, yet earnest discussion about the importance of communication in a relationship, and Doja doesn’t shy away from driving the message home. In the game of love, be bold and say what you got to say—no punches left to roll with.

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