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Meaning of ’50/50′ by ‘Moneybagg Yo’ feat. CMG The Label

Released: 2023

Moneybagg Yo’s “50/50” featuring CMG The Label is a raw exposition of a hustle lifestyle, brimming with themes of opulence, rejection of romantic commitment, and staying true to oneself. It’s an unapologetic anthem for those who’ve traced their own path to the top, lit by the glimmers of high-fashion labels, flash cars, and an uncompromising approach to relationships.

In the opening lines, “Ayy, fuck that 50-50 shit, I can’t go half with you”, Moneybagg Yo sets the tone for the entire track by his refusal to split his wealth or time with others, whether in business or romantic relationships. This resonates with the core hip-hop principle of self-reliance and hustle, reinforcing his independence as an artist and an individual.

The notion of superiority permeates through lines like “A hundred what I’m bringing, I’m big bag, fuck you thinking?” Here, Moneybagg Yo is asserting his wealth and dominance. He then proceeds to drop names of high-end fashion retailers, “I pop tags, cleared out Neiman”, asserting his ability to afford the finer things in life, a common motif in hip-hop music to signify success.

The line “In my mask, free Pooh Shiesty” is a clear reference to fellow hip-hop artist Pooh Shiesty, who was arrested in 2021, showing solidarity amongst artists within the industry.

Moneybagg then delves into the raw side of relationships, emphasizing a transactional nature, expressed in “If you can ask her for some pussy, she can ask you for some money”. This underlines the theme of ‘quid pro quo’ which the artist seems to live by.

The artist reaffirms his fast-paced lifestyle and commitment to his grind with a line like “Me and my niggas get down like the Good Fellas”. The Good Fellas reference here is a nod to the American classic mob movie, further enforcing his adherence to the code of the streets and loyalty to his crew.

The closing chorus rounds the song back to the start, casting away distractions with the bold, assertive refrain of “Ayy, fuck that 50-50 shit, I can’t go half with you”. It’s a powerful ending that brings us back to the essence of Moneybagg Yo’s mindset: total control and no compromise. His words are a testament to his hustle and ambition, and a message of his refusal to accept anything less than total success.

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