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Meaning of ‘Keep It Low’ by ‘Moneybagg Yo’ feat. Future

Released: 2023

Features: Future

“Keep It Low” by Moneybagg Yo, featuring Future, is an exploration of the enthralling yet complex experiences of the modern hip-hop lifestyle. Brimming with themes of wealth, power, toxic relationships, and street credibility, the song illustrates the opulent, high-risk lifestyle that often accompanies stardom in the rap industry. It dives into the grittiness and harsh realities beneath the glitter and glamour of the hip-hop world.

Given the depth of the lyrics, we’re gonna take this verse by verse, starting with Moneybagg Yo’s first few lines. “Park the Rolls truck,” he starts, flaunting his wealth and luxury vehicle, the Rolls-Royce – a signature of opulence in rap music. His next line, “This shit got colossal, I got models tryna pay me to fuck,” exemplifies his success and the extremes women go to be with him. But Moneybagg Yo is about more than just flexing, as evidenced by “Don’t catch me speakin’ on no M, nigga, you ain’t gon’ know if I done done it,” where he points out that he maintains confidentiality in his business dealings, a necessity when navigating the underworld activities that often intertwine with rap culture.

As the song progresses, Moneybagg Yo introduces the concept of ‘toxic dick’. Evidently, in addition to his wealth, his sexual prowess has become well-known and highly sought-after by women, despite the implied emotional detachment and potential damage it may inflict. This embodies the ‘toxic’ relationships often linked with high-profile figures, characterized by fleeting physical connections, yet lacking emotional depth.

In the hook, the phrase “Slide through, come back, hit your bitch” is a testament to the promiscuity prevalent in the rap scene. It’s a braggadocious assertion, implying he can and will sleep with other men’s women at will, further illustrating the toxic masculinity that can often dominate the hip-hop narrative.

Future’s verse further builds on these themes. His line “I can be out the country and get you whacked” hints at the lethal power he wields beyond geographical borders. This isn’t just about goons or bodyguards; it’s a statement of influence and reach. The lyric, “I got mind control on bitches, I don’t have to use a remote,” underscores a mental manipulation portrayed as a mark of power and dominance.

“Buy the average ones some jewelry, I made that bitch the one”. Here, Future shares a common practice in the hip-hop world of upgrading one’s partner through materialistic gifts. However, in doing so, he also highlights a consumerist and somewhat dehumanizing attitude towards relationships.

The song, in its entirety, is a candid confession of the indulgence, toxicity, and criminal underbelly that accompanies fame and fortune in the hip-hop scene. Moneybagg Yo and Future’s collaboration on “Keep It Low” is a raw and unapologetic portrayal of a life shaped by wealth, power, and the pursuit of relentless self-gratification.

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