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Meaning of ’97’ by ‘Doja Cat’

Released: 2024

Doja Cat’s “97” isn’t just about nostalgia; it’s a showcase of self-confidence and not giving a damn about others’ opinions. The song rides on a chill vibe, yet it’s assertive and brimming with swagger, embodied in her bars and the imagery of cruising in her ’97 Benz.

Opening the track, Doja Cat pulls up in her ’97 Benz, flexing effortlessly. The fire truck red car with tinted windows sets the scene of boldness and defiance. When she says, “Looks like we don’t give a shit,” it’s a clear statement of living life on her own terms, unbothered by societal judgments.

In the following lines, Doja dismisses any skeletons in her closet, implying she’s got nothing to hide. She mocks her critics with playful wordplay like “they ain’t even ready-spaghetti, baby, they sauceless,” reinforcing that they lack substance. Cruising through the city, she artfully juxtaposes luxury and carefree attitudes, proving she’s living her best life unapologetically.

Her verse flips into luxury fashion references – geese and chinchilla coats, and cheetah prints. Doja’s making it clear: if it’s not extravagant, she doesn’t want it. Whether facing scrutiny or PETA, Doja’s confidence remains unshaken, encapsulated in her bold rhetoric and lavish lifestyle.

In another verse, she roasts her critics and competitors, calling out their lack of style and substance with emphatically humorous lines like “You look like a butter face, butter body, butter toes.” Doja claims her position, unbothered by rumors or backlash. Her dismissive attitude towards criticism is clear: whether fans or haters, any attention feeds the beast.

Returning to the chorus, she reinforces that cool, unaffected demeanor, cruising in her iconic ’97 Benz. The track ties up with a powerful final statement: if it looks like they don’t care, it’s because they absolutely don’t.

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