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Meaning of ‘Ain’t Shit’ by ‘Doja Cat’

Released: 2021

Doja Cat’s “Ain’t Shit” is a bold, unapologetic anthem that calls out unreliable and unfaithful men. The lyrics combine wit, sarcasm, and real talk to detail the frustrations of dealing with men who fail to live up to expectations, both emotionally and financially.

The song kicks off by painting a picture of these men as ones who invade your space, eat your food, can’t cover the bills, and overall just ain’t about much. The repeated lines, “Niggas ain’t shit, come up in your crib, All up in your fridge, can’t pay rent,” emphasize how these men bring nothing to the table but take whatever they can. Doja uses crib and fridge to symbolize personal space and resources, respectively, highlighting how these men misuse trust and generosity.

The wit shines through with lines like “Niggas is square like Madison,” referring to Madison Square Garden, using “square” to call out their lack of depth and originality. Doja Cat doesn’t just critique these men for their actions but also mocks their attempts to win her back, with “Ten-page text, should’ve wrote a book, could’ve made a bag,” ridiculing their long, pointless messages. The line “acting like that ’cause your dad’s a bitch” suggests that their behavior is learned, passed down from previous generations.

The chorus reinforces the theme of the song, acting as a warning to heed the advice of friends who’ve seen through the façade of these unimpressive men. The bridge brings an element of humor and pettiness into the mix, where Doja threatens not to damage his car, but instead to call his mother and kick his belongings to the lobby, showing she’s above petty revenge but isn’t afraid to put him in his place.

Throughout “Ain’t Shit,” Doja Cat uses sharp, clever lyrics to critique the immaturity and unreliability of these men, pairing her frustrations with catchy beats and a confident flow. She blends humor with truth, making it not just a diss track but a relatable narrative on modern dating woes. The use of slang and direct language makes her message clear: she’s fed up and isn’t going to tolerate it anymore. Doja Cat is celebrating her self-worth, and through this song, encourages others to recognize and do the same.

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