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Meaning of ‘ADIVINO’ by ‘Myke Towers’ feat. Bad Bunny

Released: 2024

The song “ADIVINO” by Myke Towers featuring Bad Bunny is a poetic telling of a relationship ended. The crux of the narrative lies in the natural evolution of the individuals involved, highlighting the transient nature of love and emotions. Pieces of their past, present, and yearning for what could have been, are woven into a tapestry of beautiful and poignant Spanish lyrics.

The song begins with an acknowledgement of the woman’s freedom: “No me pertenece’ a mí, ma, tú ere’ de la calle”, saying, you aren’t mine, you’re free as the streets. It portrays her as a free spirit, someone who enjoys the thrill of life. The artist also hints at her captivating allure that plays games with his mind – “Psicóloga porque le gusta jugar con mi mente”.

The chorus “Sigue tu camino / Ya tú cambiaste y yo no soy el mismo / Siempre recuerdo lo que un día fuimo’ / Sé en quién estás pensando, a que adivino, bebé” translates to: Continue on your path, you have changed and I am not the same. I always remember what we once were, and I bet I can guess who you’re thinking of. This encapsulates the complexities of their past relationship, their individual growth, and a playful challenge to guess her thoughts.

The narrative progresses with the lines “No quiero ser un nombre más que en la lista se raya”, meaning he doesn’t want to be just another name crossed off her list, suggesting he’s yearning for something more meaningful.

The coda of the song “Dime qué somo’, dime qué fuimo’ / Dime qué seremo’ despué’ del beso que nos dimo'”, translates to: tell me what we are now, tell me what we were, tell me what we will be after the kiss we shared. This indicates confusion and longing for clarification about their relationship status.

Further on, “Pa chingar toy pa ti toa las vece’ que tú pida'” expresses the artist’s willingness to be there for her whenever she needs him, hinting at his lingering feelings for her. The song concludes by emphasizing their transformations and the inevitable divergence in their paths, enforcing the message to continue on their individual journeys.

This song paints a vivid picture of a love that once was, underscoring the inevitable growth and change that comes with time and the complex emotions that follow a relationship’s end.

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