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Breaking down the song ‘Attention’ by ‘Doja Cat’

Let’s kick off by saying “Attention” is a straight-up attention-grabber by Doja Cat that flaunts her self-confidence and spits back at her doubters with ferocity. In this mammoth hit, she uses humor, sharp wit, and piercing honesty to critique society’s obsession with image and fame, while addressing her own rise to stardom, and the adversities she had to conquer. Let’s delve into the details, one dope line at a time.

Starting off with the hook, Doja uses a pet as a metaphor for herself. Saying “if you like it, just reach out and pet it… it needs and seeks affection,” she’s indicating that she doesn’t necessarily need anyone’s approval or understanding, she just needs to be recognized for who she is. When she says “it doesn’t bite, it doesn’t get aggressive,” she’s dismissing the trepidation that people might have about her eccentric personality and aesthetics.

As she moves into the first verse, we see her addressing critics who’ve taken liberties in formulating assumptions about her, even going as far as to suggest she needs therapy. Doja ain’t havin’ none of that nonsense though, instead, she flips the script, implying those doubters are actually the ones dealing with envy and depression. She speaks candidly about the impact of her physical appearance on her image, even referencing weight loss but confidently quipping that she never “lost a tushy.” This urban slang for her backside is Doja’s way of asserting her body positivity.


The verse progresses into sharp commentary on the superficiality within the music industry – how a simple response from her could elevate someone’s social status, and how folks love to hate from behind the safety of social media. Putting it bluntly, she says, “You follow me, but you don’t really care about the music.” It’s Doja’s way of saying she sees through the fakery.

As we segue into the second verse, Doja Cat gets even realer. She talks about the allure of vulnerability and how it’s helped her to connect with fans, but also accrue wealth or “bacon” as she playfully puts it. This verse sees Doja celebrating her success, owning her talent, and shading those who try to pull her down. She flexes on her hataz by flaunting her success, nudging at a luxury Patek Philippe watch in “how this Patek look?” She ends the verse with a bit of good ol’ fashioned bravado. Doja calls out those who constantly compare her to other artists, “Of course you bitches comparin’ Doja to who the hottest.”

Overall, “Attention” is a fierce anthem of self-affirmation. Doja Cat calls out the fakery in the industry, empowers herself through self-appreciation, and straight up flaunts her success. She’s telling us that while she appreciates affection and attention, she ain’t about to let any negativity or misconceptions get to her. In the infamous words of Queen Bey, ‘Boy Bye.’

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