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Meaning of ‘Already Best Friends’ by ‘Jack Harlow’ feat. Chris Brown

Released: 2020Features: Chris Brown”Already Best Friends” by Jack Harlow, features Chris Brown and it is a brazen track that’s all about living the fast lifestyle, making quick connections, and flirting with the idea of ‘friends with benefits’. It carries a hedonistic party vibe, unabashedly celebrating the thrill of the chase, and the complexities of modern relationships.

The song leaps out the gate with Jack Harlow recounting an encounter with two girls who have just become friends, hinted by the line “Met last week and they already best friends”. “Jetson came in with a FN” suggests that Harlow’s producer, JetsonMade, rolled up packing heat or with a “Fully-Nurtured” new beat, and is accompanied by two women who have no specific preference in their choice of male company.

In the next few lines, Harlow throws caution to the wind, courting a Georgia State freshman and playing into the classic hip hop trope of fast love and the alluring dangers it carries, underlined by the line “Girl, you look good I would risk everything”. When Harlow hints, “I recommend you don’t listen to your friends”, he’s subtly encouraging this college girl to step out of her comfort zone, away from the judgement of her friends.

Chris Brown’s verse continues the fast-paced narrative. Using a suggestive metaphor to express his involvement with two girls at the same time in his bed, he outlines a casual and liberated sexual encounter. His lyrics are fueled by his charming notoriety as a ladies’ man in the music industry.

“Blue Flame” that’s mentioned later in the song is a reference to a popular nightclub in Atlanta, indicating that one of the girls is a dancer there. The back-and-forth dialogue Harlow carries on with the girls reveals a casual, playful interaction, hinting at a deeper connection that’s born out of an immediate camaraderie.

In essence, “Already Best Friends” is a testament to Harlow’s unapologetic approach to relationships, friendships and the fast life associated with hip hop culture. His depiction of liberated, strong, independent women who are controlling their narrative complements the song’s overall hedonistic vibe.

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