Face Of My City by Jack Harlow
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Meaning of ‘Face Of My City’ by ‘Jack Harlow’ feat. Lil Baby

Released: 2020 • Features: Lil Baby

“Face of My City” by Jack Harlow, featuring Lil Baby, is a braggadocious anthem where both artists assert their dominance, not only in their respective cities but also in the music industry. They delve into their personal journeys from obscurity to fame, and how their newfound status has impacted their relationships and lifestyle.

Harlow’s verse kicks off with the hook, “I’m the face of my city, Cosigned by Diddy,” proudly claiming his prominent status in his hometown, Louisville, Kentucky, and underpinning his musical validation from industry mogul, Diddy. “Hard liquor, I’m shitty” and “Hotel with some bitty” convey indulgence in the luxury lifestyle that has followed fame, while “You changed, no kidding, Wasn’t always this pretty,” reflects on his humble beginnings and subsequent evolution.

When Harlow says, “Y’all some internet thugs, won’t come face to face with me,” he calls out those who hide behind screens, challenging them to confront him directly. He goes on to reminisce about his journey, mentioning dining at Denny’s and Cracker Barrel, suggesting he’s experienced all walks of life.

Lil Baby’s verse further emphasizes the wealth and power that comes with success, “Bookbag 350 (cash), Got my hand on my blicky.” “Blicky” is slang for a firearm, suggesting he’s ready to protect his status. He addresses his critics saying, “I ain’t beefing with them niggas, they kids,” dismissing them as immature, and “Still in apartments, my lil’ hitters banging,” signifies his connection to street life.

The line, “I repped my projects before I was famous, Straight from the bottom, you know I ain’t changing,” is a powerful assertion of Baby’s loyalty to his roots, despite his success. The line “Fuck like I love her, she know I ain’t staying” suggests a particular approach to romance common within touring artists, who aren’t able to establish committed relationships due to their lifestyle.

“Face of My City” is thus a bold reflection of urban aspiration, encapsulating the journey from rags to riches, and the complexities that come with fame and fortune. Throughout the song, both Harlow and Baby assert their dominance, while revealing the challenges and triumphs that have shaped their careers. This track is not just a claim to their throne but a reflection on what it took to get there.

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