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Meaning of ‘Around Me’ by ‘Metro Boomin’ feat. Don Toliver

Released: 2022

At its core, “Around Me” by Metro Boomin, featuring Don Toliver, revolves around the themes of temptation, lifestyle, and love in the fast lane. It’s a track that captures the essence of navigating fame, relationships, and the desire to maintain authenticity amidst it all. Let’s dive into the lyrics and break down what they’re really talking about.

The song kicks off with a reflection on a relationship dynamic changed by success and excess. The lines “She sit in here for hours, Even till I’m done” suggest a loyal yet strained connection, possibly altered by the artist’s dedication to their craft and the lifestyle that accompanies it. When they say “It was all cool when it was just for fun”, it hints at complications that arise when things get serious amidst the chaos of fame.

The chorus dives deeper into the protagonist’s turmoil, with mentions of “drugs” and “plugs” symbolizing not just literal references to substance use and connections but also the coping mechanisms and networks essential to survive in their high-pressure environment. The repetition of “I seen too many worlds and I / Want you to be my girl and I” reflects a yearning for stability and genuine connection amidst the chaotic lifestyle.

The verses paint a picture of the artist’s journey and struggles. Phrases like “Gutta nights it was hard to flip” and “I was going shiesty in all black” point to times of hardship and perhaps moral ambiguity, where making ends meet or staying on top required actions that weren’t always within the boundaries of right. The repeated acknowledgment of changing behaviors for survival – “Had to think twice and ya fall back” – shows a reflective and self-aware side to the artist, who recognizes the impact of their actions.

Finally, the song closes on a note that elevaiates the protagonist to a heroic status, navigating a destiny fraught with challenges yet emerging as someone who’s realized their purpose. The lines about heroes appearing only when needed, and the struggle of living a life constantly on the edge, serve as a metaphor for the artist’s own journey and evolution in the face of adversity.

In “Around Me,” Metro Boomin and Don Toliver navigate the complex interplay of love, loyalty, and the seductive yet dangerous allure of the rapper lifestyle. It’s a raw look at the highs and lows of fame, exploring the personal cost of success and the unyielding search for genuine connection and self-identity.

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