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Meaning of ‘Superhero’ by ‘Metro Boomin’ feat. Future, Chris Brown

Released: 2022 • Features: Future, Chris Brown

“Superhero (Heroes & Villains)” by Metro Boomin featuring heavyweight champs Future and Chris Brown, slaps with a vibe that flips the intoxicating effects of the high life into transformative powers. These lines aren’t just for flexing; they’re a confessional where indulgence in substances and success morphs them into figures larger than life, a complex mix of stardom’s glory and gutter’s grim realities.

Cracking the code of the hook, “Drankin’ dope turned me to a superhero”, Future spits it straight about how leaning on substances can feel like a boost, lifting him above the fray, giving a momentary escape from reality, and, perhaps, enhancing his creative powers. When Metro gets mentioned, “Boominati turned me to a superhero”, it’s an allusion to both his production crew and the idea that their influence is so vast, it’s almost like a secret society’s reach. There’s a duality here — playing on the trope of how the same things that give you power can also be your Kryptonite.

Future continues to weave his narrative in the verses, painting pictures of his lifestyle, the wealth (“Stackin’ these hundreds up, like coupons”), the women (“my bitch is a star”), the violence (“Sprayin’ up the crowd, take it to the grave”), and, undoubtedly, his influence (“I’m at the top of the charts, unapproachable”). The language is rife with hip-hop braggadocio and symbolism — the ‘gar (short for cigar) could symbolize wrapping up and disposing of competition or problems, and a “brand new Rollie” is both a trophy and an assurance of his financial prowess. He’s unapologetic about his street ties and success, asserting dominance with flexes that border on the sinister.

Metro Boomin Superhero (Heroes & Villains) [with Future & Chris Brown]

Then, Breezy slides in smooth with the bridge, invoking that “Dark Knight feeling” — a nod to Batman, the hero famed for being shrouded in darkness. The lines “die or be a hero / Or live long enough to see yourself become a villain” reflect the moral ambiguity and inevitable downfall that often comes with great power and public scrutiny. In this hip-hop odyssey, they’re acknowledging the razor’s edge they walk between being revered and reviled.

Chris Brown follows this theme into his verse, packing it with the weight of fame (“The weight of the world sit on my shoulders, hold the crown”) and the loneliness that it can entail (“Like I’m the only one in it”). He touches on the envy and backstabbing nature of the game (“Soon as you up, these niggas wanna bring you down”) and the fickle nature of support (“I ain’t got a cape so I can’t save you now”), ultimately questioning the true nature of heroics and villainy in their world.

The lyrical play of “Superhero (Heroes & Villains)” is layered, with Future and Breezy sharing their stark reflections on the consequences and paradoxes of their success. Each artist wears the mantle of hero and villain, symbolizing the blurring lines of morality in pursuit of greatness. It’s a track that pulses with the heartbeat of hip-hop’s complex relationship with power, influence, and human frailty, all wrapped up in the velvet glove of dope beats and icy flows. They’re crafting a complex storyboard where every bar counts, every flex has depth, and every confession is an insight into the hip-hop psyche.

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