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Meaning of ‘Bandit’ by ‘Juice WRLD’ feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Released: 2019

“Bandit” by Juice WRLD featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again is all about the duality of feeling powerful and reckless, particularly when influenced by substances. It speaks on the necessity and the simultaneous rejection of drugs like molly and Percocets to feel like a “savage,” or someone who is fierce and unapologetic. The title “Bandit” reflects the protagonist’s self-image as a rogue or someone who effortlessly takes what he desires.

Juice starts off by playfully noting that the style of this song is unexpected compared to their usual vibe. He’s proudly stating his preference for “bad bitches”, women of high desirability. He boasts about feeling like a “savage” when on molly, but quickly clarifies he doesn’t need the drug to feel that way, emphasizing his inherent boldness. Calling himself a “bandit” speaks to his rogue-like bravado, someone who effortlessly charms women and seizes their hearts.

In Juice’s first verse, he mentions switching from Percocets to “jiggas,” slang for ecstasy pills, while casually name-dropping Tommy Hilfiger and a Tommy gun. The line “Tommy hit a nigga, Tommy Hilfiger” plays with the designer brand and the gun, showing how effortlessly he can toggle between the glamorous and the gritty. He explains his attraction to a girl, comparing her magnetic pull to “velcro” and dives into her qualities like a sailor to the sea, showcasing his passion and addiction to her.

Juice continues by likening the girl to notorious figures like Jeffrey Dahmer to highlight her dangerous allure. He boasts about understanding her deeply, similar to reading a book, and ends by declaring his dominance with firearms, reinforcing his bandit persona.

The chorus repeats, emphasizing that neither Juice nor YoungBoy need molly to feel savage but it heightens their raw feelings. This reinforces that their toughness and wild nature are inherent traits, not just drug-induced states.

YoungBoy’s verse picks up where Juice left off, echoing the sentiment of capturing and owning a girl once identified as desirable. He flexes his financial power by talking about his ability to solve problems with money, asserting his bandit status. He highlights the dangerous lifestyle he lives with references to guns and his readiness to handle any threat, ending with a grim confidence of making things happen “without [his] hand in it,” symbolizing effortless control and dominance.

Overall, “Bandit” intertwines themes of desire, power, and recklessness, amplified by the chaotic influence of drugs while affirming that these rappers live on their own terms.

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