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Meaning of ‘Not Enough’ by ‘Juice WRLD’

Released: 2022

“Not Enough” by Juice WRLD paints a vivid portrayal of a young man grappling with self-destruction and fear of loss in love. The lyrics tap into deeper levels of emotional trauma, substance abuse, and the roller coaster ride of intense relationships– simultaneously expressing an aching need for validation and affection.

In the opening lines, Juice WRLD confesses his struggles with substance abuse, with “I’ve been drowning in this liquor bottle”. This isn’t all about the physical act of drinking but rather metaphorically saturating his feelings in alcohol as an escape mechanism. Drowning here conveys hopelessness, with the potent symbol of liquor representing his coping mechanism against life’s struggles.

He transitions into a poignant confession of his lack of caring about life expectancy, “They tell me that I won’t live to see tomorrow, but I don’t give a fuck.” This line shows his disdain for societal expectations and his flirtation with self-destruction, underscored by his flippant disregard for tomorrow.

His fear of a failing relationship is seen in the phrase “I’m really scared that we won’t stay together,” suggesting that the emotional sustenance he derives from the relationship is what he fears losing the most. The repeat of this phrase throughout the song reinforces the depth of this fear.

The artist’s perception of love as more than just a fleeting emotion is evident in the lines “You taught me what real love is” and “Straight lovers, we ain’t going to a friendship.” This demonstrates his commitment to the relationship, contrasting with his otherwise reckless lifestyle.

The song veers into a darker territory with “Endless drugs,” “Where the drugs at? You know that I love that,” and “Now we sipping Wock’ out a double cup, yeah” These lines hint at drugs providing an ephemeral comfort, while ‘Wock’ refers to a popular street name for the cough syrup predominately containing codeine, often symbolizing self-medication in the world of hip-hop.

Finally, the line “You fill me up like the drugs do” equates the relationship to the euphoria he experiences from drug use, arguably portraying an unhealthy co-dependency. Similarly, “Ink on my brain like a tattoo” shows the permanence of their relationship’s impact on his mind, akin to the indelible mark of a tattoo.

Overall, “Not Enough” offers a raw and unfiltered exploration of desperation, dependency, love and self-destruction, showing how intertwined they can become in the minds of troubled youths like Juice WRLD.

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