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Meaning of ‘Beasty’ by ‘A Boogie Wit da Hoodie’

Released: 2018

In “Beasty” by A Boogie Wit da Hoodie, we dive deep into the essence of street credibility, the trappings of success, and the complexities of trust and betrayal in the hustle. It’s a raw narrative on the highs and lows of fame, wealth, and staying true to one’s roots amidst it all. A Boogie doesn’t hold back, pouring his trials and triumphs into every line.

The track kicks off with a clear assertion of identity and a warning against underestimation. A Boogie stresses his readiness to defend himself at all costs, highlighting the dangers of street life and the necessity of staying alert. He speaks on the painful reality of losing friends to the system, a nod to the sacrifices and losses encountered on the path to success. When he talks about rolling in luxury cars and wearing designer clothes, it’s not just about flaunt but symbols of overcoming and escaping the cycle of poverty. The “big body Benz” and brand names like “Dirty Diana,” “Phantom,” and “Saint Laurent” represent more than just material success; they symbolize a break from the past.

There’s a stark contrast between loyalty and betrayal as A Boogie calls out those who doubted him and those who pretend to be allies. His reference to people “talking to police” underscores a theme of deceit and the consequences of disloyalty in the streets. Yet, in his rise to fame, A Boogie also acknowledges the temptation and trap of luxury and women, indicated by lines like “Fucked a couple bros, she a hoe-hoe” and splurging on “Louis luggages and Monclers.” Such lines serve as a reminder of the temptations that come with success and the importance of staying grounded.

Finally, “Beasty” touches on personal growth and self-affirmation. A Boogie boasts about his achievements and how he’s perceived now—strong, untouchable, and thriving, hence the repeated affirmations “I’m beasty.” He doesn’t shy away from discussing the changes in his life, including how people view him since his fame skyrocketed, all while maintaining a certain level of self-awareness about the superficial aspects of his lifestyle.

Throughout “Beasty,” A Boogie Wit da Hoodie offers a complex view of his journey, mixing the gritty realities of his past with the luxuries of his present, all while navigating the challenges of trust, loyalty, and image in the relentless spotlight. It’s a tale of transformation, resilience, and, ultimately, dominance in a world that often tries to bring you down.

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