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Meaning of ‘Feel Like Dying’ by ‘A Boogie wit da Hoodie’

Released: 2024

A Boogie wit da Hoodie’s “Feel Like Dying” is a deep dive into the emotional rollercoaster of love, loneliness, and the pressure of success. The song captures the pain of failed relationships and the relentless pursuit of a genuine connection amidst the chaos of life and fame. A Boogie blends intense vulnerability with the hard truths of his journey, creating a relatable anthem for anyone struggling with trust and loneliness.

The chorus kicks off with A Boogie expressing the constant pressure weighing him down, but emphasizing that he keeps on trying. This sets the tone of the song, showing his resilience despite feeling like he’s endlessly searching for someone to match his vibe. The repeated phrase “I feel like dyin'” underscores his emotional exhaustion and highlights the despair of loneliness.

In the first verse, A Boogie talks about the duplicity he faces in relationships, stating “I know you not the one for me, you keep on lyin’.” This line reflects his skepticism about finding genuine love. He needs someone who brings more value than material possessions, wondering if it’s too late to change his fate, demonstrated by “Is it too late to shuffle the cars?” The imagery of missing exits and driving too fast symbolizes his reckless pursuit of something real, constantly thinking about the person who occupies his mind.

Continuing into the next part of the verse, A Boogie reveals his longing for past relationships, “Don’t judge me, I want that old thing back.” He portrays vulnerability and desire for stability, admitting he struggles to find someone who truly understands him. The lines about “Chrome Hearted Arty, but tonight I’m rockin’ CC” illustrate his blend of streetwear and high fashion, emphasizing his unique style and persona. He needs this special someone because she’s his heart, reinforcing that emotional attachment outweighs everything else.

The chorus repeats, embedding the song’s primary message—he continues to try amidst the pressure and loneliness. He wants someone who won’t leave when things get tough and longs for a match to his vibe. Further, the line “I know if I fell off, you wouldn’t keep on ridin'” suggests his fear of abandonment, hinting at trust issues and the superficial support he often encounters.

In the bridge, A Boogie reflects on his success and the loss of close friends, mentioning “death comes in threes” and naming Quando, Butta, and UE. This adds a layer of deeper pain and the reality of losing loved ones, emphasizing his need for a trustworthy partner. He likens his relationship to the dynamic duo “Kobe and Shaq”, signifying strong teamwork but hinting at the difficulty of regaining trust once it’s broken.

As the song progresses, he describes situations where he seeks attention and validation but feels empty. The tension between the material gifts he provides and the emotional support he craves is depicted in lines like “What about when I need someone to call on?” This underscores the duality of his life—maintaining a successful image while battling inner turmoil.

The final chorus reiterates the ongoing struggle—a quest for someone who truly understands, matching his vibe and staying loyal, even in hard times. The repetition of “I feel like dyin'” acts as a powerful reminder of the consuming loneliness he faces, balancing the glamor of diamonds with the harsher emotional realities of his life.

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