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Meaning of ‘Been Away’ by ‘Brent Faiyaz’

Released: 2020

At first listen, “Been Away” by Brent Faiyaz digs deep into the classic struggle of balancing the hustle with personal relationships. It’s all about the grind to get my papers straight, which means securing financial stability, but at a cost that’s taxing on love and loyalty. Faiyaz is pleading not just for space to hustle, but also for his girl to stay loyal and not give my shit away during his absence.

The hook dives into the consequences of being absent, questioning the reliability and intentions of his partner. When he says, “They just wanna fuck with you ‘Cause they know I fuck with you,” he’s acknowledging the sharks in the water, circling around his relationship now that he’s not there to protect it. It’s a raw expression of vulnerability and trust issues in the spotlight, asking his partner if she’s truly down for him, or just pretending. This part of the song underlines the paranoia that often comes with success and being away from those you love.

As the song progresses, Faiyaz gets more personal, reflecting on the sacrifices he’s made for success. The line “This penthouse view ain’t as beautiful as you” is a powerful admission that no matter how high you climb on the ladder of success, it’s lonely at the top without someone special to share it with. The material gains, the “Shopping spree on my dime, looking all kinds of new,” are no substitution for real connection and loyalty. It’s a stark reminder that success can be empty without love.

By the end, “Been Away” serves as a poignant commentary on the personal costs of ambition and the balancing act between securing a financial future and maintaining the emotional bonds that make life rich. Brent Faiyaz beautifully articulates the internal and external conflicts of this journey, making “Been Away” a relatable ballad for anyone hustling to make their dreams a reality while trying to keep love alive.

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