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Meaning of ‘Best Time’ by ‘Brent Faiyaz’

Released: 2023

Brent Faiyaz’s “Best Time” lays out a confident flex about his experiences with women and his travels around the world. He celebrates the allure of women from various places while emphasizing the unique charm of those from his home turf.

In the first verse, Brent’s traveled the globe, sipped the finest wine, and met the finest women. Yet, he claims the “pretty girls” from Virginia (VA) stand out the most. His ranking continues with shout-outs to New York, Miami (MIA), and Prince George’s County (PG). He’s saying he doesn’t have to leave these places for long because they offer everything he needs.

Brent asserts his dominance and influence in the next lines. When he asks, “Say you going where? Ain’t nobody going if we ain’t gon’ be there,” he’s making it clear that if his crew isn’t at an event, it’s not worth attending. The line “Keep her on your arm ’cause she gon’ wanna stare” implies that women are drawn to him, making a bold claim about his magnetism.

The line “All the pretty girls wanna be gay” might seem confusing at first, but within the context, it suggests that women want to have fun and live freely when they’re around him. His unapologetic attitude continues as he says, “Fuck around and find out, she like one of mine, now she mine now.” He’s confident that any woman spending time with him will prefer his company over anyone else’s.

When he repeats, “Best time she’s ever had,” Brent underscores that any experience a woman has with him is unparalleled. He’s not just talking about fleeting moments; he believes these times are the pinnacle of enjoyment, giving her memories and experiences that stand out vividly compared to anything else.

Overall, this track is Brent flexing his worldliness, charm, and influence, highlighting his belief that he’s the pinnacle of a good time. The repetitive hook cements the idea that the experiences he offers are unforgettable and unmatched.

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