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Meaning of ‘Clouded’ by ‘Brent Faiyaz’

Released: 2020

“Clouded” by Brent Faiyaz is an introspective track that explores fame, personal struggles, and the loss of privacy. The singer delivers a raw and revealing look into the conflicts and contradictions that come from living in the public eye, while simultaneously grappling with personal demons.

The line “I gave it all for a fantasy / Is anybody gon’ remember me?” reveals Brent’s anxiety about his legacy, a common concern among artists. He constantly questions whether his efforts and sacrifices in pursuit of his career will leave a lasting impact.

When Brent says, “She come in and compliment my closet / Fuck her on the floor like I don’t give a fuck about it,” he’s showcasing the superficial relationships that often come with fame. She’s enchanted by his wealth and status, symbolized by his closet, but their interactions lack depth and he remains emotionally detached.

The phrase, “Your judgement get clouded when you clouded,” lays bare the impact of the fame-induced haze and how it distorts perception. In this sense, to be “clouded” means to be so engulfed in a glitzy lifestyle that one’s ability to discern truth from facade becomes blurred.

The lines, “I’m still on the east side smokin’ with my OG’s / ‘Cause they the only ones that really know me” signify Brent’s grounding in his roots despite his success. The “OG’s” he refers to are original gangsters, term used in the street to denote respect for one’s elders or those who have authentic street credibility. Here, it suggests the ones who knew him before the fame and the façade it comes with.

Brent opens up about his mental health struggles in the line, “But they don’t know I’m fightin’ demons / I feel like dyin’ every season.” The demons he refers to are his inner turmoil and possibly depression, a stark contrast to his otherwise successful life, showing that success doesn’t equate to happiness.

The closing lines, “All my bitches know I’m leavin’ at some point / Whether there’s a reason or not / Don’t try givin’ me reasons to stop,” suggest his transient and commitment-phobic nature. It could also be indicative of self-sabotaging behavior, a common symptom of battling inner demons.

Overall, “Clouded” is an exploration of Brent Faiyaz’s complex relationship with fame, wealth, relationships, and mental health, providing a thought-provoking commentary on the side of fame not often seen in the limelight.

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