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Meaning of ‘Bestie’ by ‘DaBaby’ feat. YoungBoy Never Broke Again

Released: 2022

Features: YoungBoy Never Broke Again

“Bestie,” a slick, party-starting track by DaBaby featuring YoungBoy Never Broke Again, presents a narrative around success, jet-setting lifestyle, and interactions with women, seasoned with a playful persona. In a nutshell, it reveals the artists’ immersion in the hip-hop clout lifestyle while dealing with their relationships with women, emphasizing their desire for autonomy and freedom.

From the get-go, the lyrics whip into a rhythmic narrative about high-life luxury and rendezvous with attractive women. “Both of ’em bad, saditty” refers to two women who are both attractive and somewhat stuck-up or snobbish. “Shakin’ their ass and titties” is a staple phrase in hip-hop, referring to women dancing in a provocative manner.

“I’m in the V with a blammer with me” suggests that DaBaby is riding in a V series Cadillac with a gun in his possession, a nod to the street life many rappers come from. When referencing Monique and TT, DaBaby is giving shout-outs to two women in his life, presumably friends or acquaintances.

Moving forward, DaBaby touches on his success and wealth, using phrases like “20 Ms” and “Two Ms in real estate” to indicate his multi-million dollar status. The line “I be buildin’ my listin’ up” further underscores his real estate hustle.

When the chorus hits again, DaBaby switches his flow to bring a dynamic change in the track. “I like ’em nasty, bougie, ratchet” signifies his varied taste in women, those who can be wild (‘nasty’), sophisticated (‘bougie’), and street-smart (‘ratchet’).

YoungBoy Never Broke Again’s verse brings its own flavor to the table, being equally braggadocious and bold. Lines like “All this goddamn ice on, hittin’ in the dark” and “Big pretty-ass whip, don’t make no sense” detail the lavish, opulent lifestyle he leads, emphasized by expensive jewelry (‘ice’) and luxury cars (‘whip’). The colloquial term ‘whip’ is popular in hip-hop, referring to a car, and ‘ice’ means diamond jewelry.

As the song draws to a close with DaBaby bringing back the chorus, it’s clear that “Bestie” plays as a flashy, high-energy jam that pays homage to the women in their lives, their luxurious lifestyle, and their hard-earned success.

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