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Meaning of the song ‘BOP’ by ‘DaBaby’

Released: 2019

“BOP” by DaBaby is a high-energy track filled with smokin’ bravado and the flex culture so prevalent in today’s hip-hop scene. The entire joint is DaBaby’s unapologetic testament to his grind, success, and top-tier status in the game. He ain’t shy of flaunting his riches and the high life that comes with it – from his whip game to his female companions.

The track kicks off with “I needed some shit with some bop in it” – in this context, a ‘bop’ being a catchy, energetic track that’s hard to resist. When DaBaby mentions “flying past the whip with that blunt in my mouth,” that’s him cruising in his ride with a joint in tow. When he says “that whip had a cop in it,” he’s not fazed by the authority because he’s on top of his game.

When DaBaby talks about his “bitch got good pussy, fly her ‘cross the country,” he’s flexing his wealth and ability to take his girl anywhere he wants. His flexing continues as he mentions making a milli’ and doing it “legit-ly,” a proud nod to his success as a professional rapper as opposed to illegal hustles.

His refrain, “I’m still with the shits, I’m a hot nigga,” he’s stating he’s still down with his street ways, and he’s a force to be reckoned with. When DaBaby comments, “Oh, you asking for pictures with niggas? What’s your name? Get the fuck out the spot, nigga,” he’s expressing his distaste for clout-chasers and fake fans who only want to associate with him because of his fame.

In the lines “Tryna figure which deal I’ma take / I woke up, couple mil’ on my plate,” DaBaby is discussing his rise to prominence. The “couple mil” refers to the copious amounts of money on his plate – a sign of his significant financial success.

The intensity dials down a bit with “I’m unorthodox than a motherfucker / Ayy, when you gon’ switch the flow? I thought you’d never ask” – DaBaby calling out his unique style, and his versatility, switching up his flows whenever he feels like it.

Remaining unimpressed by the rap game’s status quo, DaBaby says: “All this shit that they making be boring / Play me something to bop while I ride with the pole.” He’s asking for something lit to listen to while he’s out and about, “riding with the pole” – carrying a firearm for self-defence.

In the closing lines, DaBaby distinguishes between two types of females – the “sophisticated ratchet hoes” who juggle a professional life by day and let loose at night. The song ends the same way it started, with the rapper reasserting his dominance and warning off clout-chasers.

At its core, “BOP” is about DaBaby’s unabashed celebration of his success while still being aware of his roots and the harsh reality of the streets. And even though he’s riding high, he’s got no time for the fakes who only want a piece of his fame – he’s here to make bangers, stack his paper, and live his best life.

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