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Meaning of ‘Big Dog’ by ‘Benny The Butcher’ feat. Lil Wayne

Released: 2023 • Features: Lil Wayne

“Big Dog” is a track by Benny The Butcher featuring Lil Wayne that underscores the transformation and rise to dominance of the two artists in the rap game. Trading verses back and forth, they weave narratives of their past street hustles, their present luxury lifestyles, and the respect they command in the industry.

The song kicks off with Benny The Butcher showcasing his assertive tone, spitting about how life isn’t fair and how he’s navigated the unfairness to rise to his current position. This sets the tone for the entire track. When he claims the title ‘King of New York’, he’s expressing his dominance in the rap game, challenging others who may be vying for the crown. The references to MGK (gun) and new 911 (Porsche) serve to highlight his lifestyle change while the line about the Sopranos creates a parallel between him and the powerful, influential, and feared crime families.

His verse continues with him acknowledging his past – working with narcotics, and his criminal record not being on wax (officially recorded). Reflecting on his evolution, he also mentions how he’s become influential enough to get his friends fresh out of prison onto his tour.

The chorus then expresses Benny’s acknowledgment of his current status, identifying himself as a ‘big dog’. The brick of Fentanyl is a callback to his hustling days, and hitting raw means dealing with life directly, highlighting his raw experiences from the past.

Lil Wayne’s verse maintains the same theme, tracking his journey from being a young upstart in the rap game (a ‘puppy’) to becoming a ‘big dog’, commanding respect and wielding significant influence within the industry. The Siberian Husky and bungalow references demonstrate his superior flow and place in the game. He then compares his impressive lyrical ability (snipers like Kevin Durant, shooters like Devin Booker) to top NBA players’ scoring skills. Both Wayne and Benny signify that they’ve ascended to a level where they can impact lives, change their circumstances, and still be the top dogs in the game.

The repeated chorus reinforces their status in the industry and their journey from humble beginnings to the pinnacles of success. It accentuates the fact that they’ve faced countless hardships and obstacles (the brick wall) during their journeys, but their determination and fortitude propelled them to their current ‘big dog’ status.

“Big Dog” portrays the survival narrative many hip-hop artists identify with, tracing the journey from the streets to stardom while navigating the treacherous waters of the industry and the ‘game’ of life. Essentially, Benny The Butcher and Lil Wayne embody the ‘rags-to-riches’ trope inherent in hip-hop, weaving it with self-affirming, assertive, and boastful lyrics to control their narrative and assert their dominance.

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