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Meaning of ‘BLACK BALLOONS’ by ‘Denzel Curry’ feat. Twelve’len, GoldLink

Released: 2018

Denzel Curry’s track “BLACK BALLOONS” (13LACK 13ALLOONZ) featuring Twelve’len, GoldLink, is a prominent testament to the MC’s introspective abilities. The song encapsulates a battle with darkness, represented metaphorically with black balloons, and the struggle of maintaining one’s sanity amidst the pressures of success and life’s trials. The lyrics touch on themes of mental health, societal pressures, and the pursuit of authenticity in a world that often rewards conformity.

The song opens with a recurring refrain to “let it float”, a reference to the black balloons that symbolize negative emotions and thoughts. Curry suggests that instead of suppressing these feelings, he allows them to float away, representing an attempt at emotional release.

In the first verse, Curry grapples with his mental state, comparing his mind to a skillet—possibly signifying he feels his sanity is being heated or tested. His reference to Pennywise, the sinister clown from Stephen King’s “It”, reinforces the theme of fear and how we all float in the uncertainty and horrors of life.

Like many of his contemporaries, Curry doesn’t shy away from exposing industry tactics, notably how rappers turn to landscapers when they use hoes—a sharp critique on how musicians exploit women. Similarly, he alludes to the transformation of women into housewives once they see gold, indicating the allure of wealth in the music industry.

The second verse, delivered by GoldLink, grapples with the duality of success and the cost it comes with—Heaven or Hell. He refers to himself as the “King of D.C”, an assertive claim of his success and influence in hip hop. However, he also underscores the reality of being potentially cancelled—both a personal fear and a reflection on the cancel culture prevalent in today’s society.

The outro, a simulated radio broadcast, insinuates that others perceive Curry’s success as time-limited. This satirical nature of the skit brings attention to the tendency to underestimate artists, encapsulating the overarching theme of the song—defying expectations, overcoming pressures, and staying true to oneself even when the world tries to bring you down.

Overall, “BLACK BALLOONS” is an articulate exploration of the struggle for mental freedom, authenticity, and survival within the arguably toxic confines of the music industry. The song is an anthem for resilience, self-reliance, and defiance wrapped in Curry’s signature eclectic style.

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