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Meaning of ‘Troubles’ by ‘Denzel Curry’ feat. T-Pain

Released: 2022

The piece of artistry that we’re diving into today is “Troubles” by the undeniable force of the rap game, Denzel Curry, with an appearance from the auto-tune maestro, T-Pain. This track is a raw, unfiltered narrative about the hardship, struggle, and ultimately the resilience of a man braving the pitfalls of life, fame, and fortune. It roasts the concept that money and drugs are quick remedies to life’s problems, and deals with it with the often bitter reality of this fame-filled fantasy.

Starting with the chorus, “Got some troubles that these drugs can’t fix (can’t fix)”, Curry throws light on the illusion that substance abuse solves troubles, an idea that hip hop often regrettably promotes. He challenges this notion, emphasizing that these problems are just not that easy to fix, or simply vanish.

In the line, “I just lost my house to the drought, ayy (damn)/Now I’m stayin’ on my momma couch, ayy (damn)”, Curry alludes to financial struggle, perhaps a personal experience or metaphor for the plight of many facing economic hardship. He discusses making bad financial choices, with “Never paid a bill, I cop an ounce” and “I could spend a 20 on a dub (ayy)/ But I can’t even spend it on some shit I really love”. This paints the picture of misplaced priorities, investing more into vices like drugs than into necessities.

“Ain’t nothin’ left to do but now a nigga gotta hustle” – Curry speaks to the hustle culture, which is rife in the hip-hop community, and the idea that when you’re left with no options, you’ve got to stay on your grind, make moves and bring your people along for the ride, implying about building community.

With “Whole squad, everybody on my dick (get off my dick)”, he’s pointing to people being envious or attracted to his fame or wealth. But with fame, comes the flip-side – trolls, haters, and exes who once ignored or belittled you, but now they see you thriving. Bitterness and resentment flow with “All my ex’s textin, sayin’ I ain’t uh, shit (shit)”. This song dives deep into the paradox of fame— it’s not all glitz and glamour.

Finally, Curry ends the verses with a profound statement, “The chopper make beautiful music, play around with it”. He uses the chopper—a double entendre for a semi-automatic firearm and the all-too-famous slang for a rap verse—as a metaphor for harnessing ones’ power and creativity against adversities. His message is clear: when life throws troubles at you, don’t dwell, don’t flinch—fight back, make your art, your hustle, your weapon.

In essence, “Troubles” serves as an anthem to anyone who’s been knocked down. Curry and T-Pain don’t sugarcoat the struggle—they embrace it. This ain’t just a song, it’s a survival guide for the streets and beyond. No matter the situation, no matter the strife, the hustle must go on.

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