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Meaning of ‘Black Beatles’ by ‘Rae Sremmurd’ feat. Gucci Mane

Released: 2016

Features: Gucci Mane

“Black Beatles” by Rae Sremmurd featuring Gucci Mane is a triumphal rally-cry that celebrates the hedonistic lifestyle of the hip-hop elite. It’s about achieving success, relishing in the influence and wealth it brings, and dismissing haters and doubters who can’t match their level.

The first verse, delivered by Rae Sremmurd, starts off with a bold declaration; they’re the “Black Beatles”, a nod to their monumental success akin to that of the iconic rock band, The Beatles. They’re in the city “to confiscate the moneys”, symbolizing their rise to affluence through their talent. The mention of ‘John Lennon lenses’ and ‘cream seats in the Regal’ amplifies this narrative of unabashed opulence. The ‘Regal’ is a Buick car, often associated with wealth and status within the hip-hop community.

The recurring hook, “That girl is a real crowd pleaser”, implies the admiration and popularity they attract, especially from women. “Young bull living like an old geezer” illustrates their wisdom and experience, despite their young age. They’re making money and living large, just like the older, successful individuals they look up to. The lines “Frat girls still tryna get even / Haters mad for whatever reason” convey their nonchalant attitude towards critics and naysayers.

Gucci Mane’s verse continues the narrative of affluence and rejection of haters. He’s living the dream with an expensive car – a ‘yellow Lamb’ (Lamborghini) – and excessive wealth – so much cash that they’re ‘buyin school clothes’. His line “I Eurostep past a hater like I’m Rondo” is a clever basketball reference, likening his evasion of negativity to an agile move by NBA player Rajon Rondo. He’s upgraded from dealing with broke individuals to associating with the wealthy, reinforcing the notion of his elevated status.

The concluding verse reaffirms their indifference towards haters, their wealth, their fashionable attire (D&G, Gucci jackets), and their undying player status. The line “me and Paul McCartney related”, is a metaphorical kinship with the legendary Beatle, emphasizing their shared monumental success in their respective music domains.

Essentially, “Black Beatles” expresses Rae Sremmurd and Gucci Mane’s dominance in the hip-hop scene, celebrating their accomplishments while dismissing the haters who are envious of their lavish lifestyle.

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