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Meaning of ‘Look Alive’ by ‘Rae Sremmurd’

Released: 2016

“Look Alive” by Rae Sremmurd, featuring themselves, is a high-energy track that combines smooth delivery with party vibes. The song revolves around themes of living in the moment, indulgence, and the thrill that comes from being in the spotlight. Their lyrics create a vibe filled with swagger and confidence, encouraging listeners to embrace the night and enjoy it to the fullest.

The intro sets the tone with “I’m so far out of sight,” suggesting that they’re in a different, elevated state of mind. The repetition of “Yeah, that sounds about right” reinforces this idea of being on another level, both mentally and socially. When they say, “Kill this cup, not my vibe,” they emphasize maintaining their energy and mood, no matter what.

Moving into the verse, Rae Sremmurd flexes their unique style with lines like “I’m a smooth criminal, Michael Jackson moonwalkin’.”

This shows off their confidence and effortless cool. The phrase “Five bitches ’round me, Mane, it’s ’bout to be a royal rumble” underlines the chaotic, wild nature of their party lifestyle. When they talk about pressing “the button on the coupe the ceiling go behind me,” it’s a nod to their luxury and the flashy, extravagant life they lead.

The chorus, “Look alive, look alive” is a call to their audience to stay engaged and alert, ready to enjoy the party. The sentiment of starting “with something light” suggests easing into a good time, building up the fun. “I can get you so right, I just need an invite” communicates their readiness to elevate someone’s night if given the chance.

In the second verse, they target someone who stands out, saying, “You my target, no doubt… you got three strikes.” This likely means this individual has caught their eye in multiple ways. “Lit from head to toe” and “we can pour us a cointreau” continue to highlight the party atmosphere, with the invitation to relax and enjoy expensive drinks.

The line “I’ma rock you like a baby” suggests they aim to take care of their partner, ensuring they have a memorable night. “Turn you out, yeah I’m that one” further asserts their confidence in their ability to make a lasting impression.

Throughout “Look Alive,” Rae Sremmurd combines catchy hooks with vivid imagery of their extravagant lifestyle, creating a track that captures the essence of high-end partying and the swagger that comes with living it up. The recurring theme of looking alive and staying engaged reinforces the need to be in the moment, soaking up every bit of excitement.

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