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Meaning of ‘Calling My Phone’ by ‘Lil Tjay’ feat. 6LACK

Released: 2021 • Features: 6LACK

“Calling My Phone” is a melancholic break up anthem by Lil Tjay, featuring a verse from 6LACK. As the title implies, it explores that universal heartache of a persistent ex who won’t stop trying to rekindle old flames, even when the other party is ready – and eager – to move on.

The song kicks off with an emotionally charged hook, where Lil Tjay sonically paints us a picture of his ex constantly blowing up his phone. With a steady repetition of, “I can’t get you off my mind now”, Tjay encapsulates the paradox of wanting to get an ex out of your thoughts, but not being able to do so because of their incessant intrusion.

Diving into the first verse, we observe Lil Tjay revealing more details about the failed relationship. He expresses a resolve, stating “I ain’t tryna play these games no more” emphasizing that he’s all about stepping forward, not slipping back. The following lyrics “Used to be my homie, you ain’t gang no more” showcase a romantic relationship that also had a strong foundation in camaraderie, unfortunately undone due to past transgressions.

In the second half of his verse, Tjay showcases his newfound oomph. By mentioning global travelling and a potential new girl on the horizon with “New bitch, I might drip her in Dior”, he signifies his comeback and readiness to embrace new beginnings. He also gives us a playful pop culture reference with “Now all around the world, I explore her, no Dora”, playing with the popular animated character Dora the Explorer.

When 6LACK steps on the scene for the second verse, he echoes Tjay’s sentiments. He too, is not looking back, “I ain’t tryna play your game no more”. He dives deeper into the sorrow of lost love, and how it has changed him as a person. His clever play on words, “Used to catch flights, but now I’m not playin'”, signifies his departure from both the relationship and the casual mindset within which it existed.

Overall, “Calling My Phone” gives us a heartfelt view into the feelings of Lil Tjay and 6LACK as they process heartbreak and endure the constant presence of their past relationships. Despite the messy fallout and the clingy exes, both artists find their way to personal growth and self-recognition, taking the high road to a future without old flames.

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