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Meaning of the song ‘F.N’ by ‘Lil Tjay’

Released: 2019

“F.N” by Lil Tjay explores the themes of betrayal, loyalty, hardship, and survival in the treacherous streets. The rapper uses assertive, bold language paint a vivid picture of his life experiences, highlighting the struggle between maintaining allegiances and navigating the dangers of the streets.

The chorus is heavily laced with anti-snitch sentiment, which is a recurring theme in hip-hop. He expresses distrust for those who “bust triggers and tell,” insinuating they are disloyal for their actions. Telling or snitching is viewed as betraying your own, and Lil Tjay asserts his disdain towards anyone who betrays the gang.

In the first verse, Lil Tjay hits on the theme of change, whether it’s his own rise to fame or the shift in relationships with people who now see him as a means to an end (“Everybody wanna fuck with me for benefits now”). The line “Man, I wish my nigga Smelly could’ve seen me lit now” suggests a sense of loss, likely referring to a close friend who’s no longer around to see his success. Such lines illustrate the bitter-sweet nature of his ascension in the industry.

He also mentions the pressure that the streets and fame bring, with people looking at his chain (symbolic of wealth) with envy, and the ever-present danger – one false move and “the gang gon’ bust”. He underscores his reputation through lines like, “You a bluff and ya not who you appear to,” implying others’ deceitful personas while asserting his authenticity.

In the second verse, Tjay dives deeper into his life story, highlighting the struggle and unleashing raw emotion. He talks about trying to make a name for himself when he had nothing and how that grind shaped his life. Lines like “My mama told me, ‘Wisen up! Be a smart nigga!'” reveal the familial influences trying to steer him away from danger.

He also speaks on the pain of betrayal, with lines like “Found out my homie went fed, almost went insane”. The term ‘fed’ in hip-hop culture often refers to one becoming an informant for law enforcement, another aspect of the ‘snitching’ which Tjay sees as ultimate treachery.

Overall, “F.N” gives listeners a raw and unfiltered look into Lil TJay’s world, filled with harsh realities of street life, hustle, grit, and a strong sense of loyalty and betrayal. The heartbreaking frankness in his lyrics cements his authenticity, making his music more profound while putting the audience in his shoes.

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