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Meaning of ‘Cash Shit’ by ‘Megan Thee Stallion’ feat. DaBaby

Released: 2019

Features: DaBaby

“Cash Shit” by Megan Thee Stallion, featuring DaBaby, is a bold anthem that embodies these two artists’ swaggering, self-assured personas. With lyrics packed full of bravado, the song hinges on themes of money, sexuality, and power, reflecting the unapologetic confidence of Megan and DaBaby.

Megan begins the song by assertively laying claim to her status (“Bitch, I’m a star”) and her financial autonomy. She underscores her control, boasting about being in her “bag” – a term indicating focus or being in one’s element. Her repeated reference to her companion “he,” hints at an intimate relationship mostly for her financial gain. She’s assertive about getting her money, even suggesting she has her name on his bank account. This gives a nod to the tradition of women in hip-hop asserting both their sexuality and financial independence.

When DaBaby comes in, he flips the narrative and matches Megan’s audacious energy, talking about the benefits he gains from his dealings with women. Comparing his sexual exploits to an unbothered activity like “fixin’ the weave.” He also gives a shout out to Megan, calling her a stallion, a term that Megan has claimed to represent a powerful, fiercely independent woman. The reference to the ‘Camaro,’ a high-speed sports car, is a metaphor for the wild and energetic sexual vibe he’s describing.

The chorus is an unmissable assertion of their dedication to accumulating wealth (“I’m on that cash shit”) and living an upscale lifestyle. The term “pimp shit” is references the flashy, luxurious lifestyle, rooted in lavish spending and control usually associated with pimps in urban culture.

The last verse by Megan is full of defiance and demonstrates her prowess in navigating relationships to her benefit. She drops brand names like Louis (Louis Vuitton) and Gucci, glorifying a luxurious lifestyle. The seemingly harsh line about “send him a pic of somebody else titties” underscores her cunning tactics, emphasizing her point about not trusting ‘tricks’ – men who are easily manipulated.

Ultimately, “Cash Shit” encapsulates the unapologetic confidence of Megan Thee Stallion and DaBaby. They unabashedly assert their desires, commanding respect, and wealth, all with an irresistibly catchy beat. This song paints a vivid image of modern hip-hop’s landscape, shaped by audacious lyricism and a relentless pursuit of power and wealth.

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