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Meaning of ‘Find Out’ by ‘Megan Thee Stallion’

Released: 2024

Alright, let’s dive into “Find Out” by Megan Thee Stallion, which she also features on. This track is a bold and unapologetic expression of sexual liberation and desire, laced with Megan’s trademark confidence and wit. She’s talking about taking control, exploring physical connections, and not holding back on what she wants. Now, let’s break down the vibes and slang in there to catch every drop of that sauce.

The song kicks off with Megan setting the scene – she’s not worried about long-term commitments here, indicated by “don’t worry ’bout my ring size.” It’s all about the moment, feeling that heat, and finding themselves in a passionate scenario, hence “Laid out on his king-size, like, ‘How the fuck we get here?” She’s exploring this physical attraction that’s so strong, it’s got her doing things she never imagined, like making someone she ignored (“ghosting”) now completely captivated by her.

Now, when Megan says, “Your bitch tryna catch a fade ’cause I caught a nut,” she’s bringing that raw, uncut energy. She’s saying the other woman is ready to fight because Megan has her man wrapped around her finger. “Catch a fade” is slang for starting a fight, and “caught a nut” is slang for reaching climax. It’s all about the drama and competition in the game of love and lust. The repeating of “He my lil’ whoopty-woo, my lil’ uh-uh-uh” brings a playful, yet possessive tone, marking her territory in a way only Megan can.

Megan’s lines like “he eatin’ vegan pussy (ah), he eatin’ healthy with it,” show her brash humor and confidence. She’s not just in charge; she’s also fully embracing her sexuality, making it clear she’s the top choice, feeling good, and living her best life.

The song also reflects on how relationships can be superficial and secretive. “Ain’t no pictures in his mirror, ain’t no lashes on his sink,” suggests a man hiding evidence of any women in his life, keeping it all on the down-low. Megan then compares herself to a hidden secret that “she ain’t gon’ never know ’bout me,” showing how she’s part of this clandestine world but on her own terms.

Through the repeated chorus, Megan hammers home her desire to “find out” and explore the chemistry between her and this guy, keeping it casual and focused on the present joy rather than future concerns. The entire song is a bold anthem about owning your desires, enjoying the moment, and not apologizing for what you want. Megan Thee Stallion uses her lyricism to paint a picture of empowerment, choice, and fun, wrapped up in the beats that make you want to move.

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