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Meaning of ‘Change Your Life’ by ‘Kehlani’ feat. Jhené Aiko

Released: 2020

Features: Jhené Aiko

“Change Your Life” by Kehlani, featuring Jhené Aiko, is a sweet serenade empowering an individual to realize their full potential and step into a more vibrant, purposeful life with the power of love and partnership. The song encapsulates the transformative capability of love and the willingness of the two artists to guide their partners towards self-improvement and a more valuable existence.

Kicking off the verse, Kehlani talks about her significant other being hyper-focused on the ‘paper’ (money) and not engaging in matters of the heart. The vibe switches when she mentions ‘switch up your cadence,’ meaning changing their routine lifestyle to a more fulfilling one, which consists of vacations and deep connections. ‘Tequila and rela-la-lations’ might refer to the heightened intimacy and fun shared between two people when barriers are down.

Repeatedly in the chorus, Kehlani assures her beloved that she can ‘change your life’ and make them see all the potential heights they can reach. ‘You could be anything, everything’ underscores the unlimited scope that awaits when one steps out of their comfort zone and embraces change, be it in career, personal growth, or relationships.

Kehlani then delves deeper into the possibilities of this transformation. She suggests roles from becoming a loving partner (lover), a dedicated spouse (‘hubby’), a skilled chef, and even a boxer, creating a wide image of the versatility and potential that lays dormant within her significant other. And ‘Beat it up, don’t ever need no glove’ humorously refers to sexual intimacy, but also to a truthful, bare relationship.

Challenging the previous superficial relationships her partner had with ‘Used-to-be models, IG honeys all shaped like bottles,’ Kehlani announces it’s time for deeper connections, transcending mere physical appearances and focusing on personal, earnest bonds. She lays out her commitment to travel, share experiences, create wealth (‘break bread’ and ‘make revenue’), and always impress her partner, promising an enriching journey together.

Ultimately, “Change Your Life” is a powerful anthem that celebrates love’s capability to inspire growth, change and help individuals embrace the vast program of potentialities within them. It swoons us into introspection about the transformative power of genuine love and a meaningful relationship.

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