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Meaning of ‘Next 2 U’ by ‘Kehlani’

Released: 2024

“Next 2 U” by Kehlani is a smooth track that delves into the feelings of deep love and the lengths one would go to protect that love. It’s a heartfelt pledge of dedication, showcasing a love that’s so profound it elevates the beloved above all else, including oneself. This vibe is all about being willing to do whatever it takes to be right next to that special person.

In the lyrics, Kehlani paints a picture of a love that’s not just emotional but almost a physical necessity—like air. When she sings, “How you love me, love me so deep, can’t believe,” it’s clear we’re talking about a love that’s not superficial. It’s about feeling everything so intensely that it’s all-consuming. The repetition of “down, down, down,” signifies her commitment and willingness to go to any lengths for this love. This isn’t just about being physically close; it’s about being there emotionally and spiritually, being fully “down” with their partner’s needs and wants.

The chorus, “They gon’, they gon’ have to come get me,” shows how Kehlani is ready to face any challenge to protect this love. Here, colloquial language “gon’” (going to) and “come get me” reflects a defiance against anyone or anything that might try to come between her and her partner. It’s as if she’s saying she’s so dedicated that she’d take on the world to be next to her loved one.

The lines “You’re more than the sun, you’re why the sun beams,” elevate the loved one to a celestial level, making them the source of light and life. This metaphor about being “high, wide like a river” and “floating” in their arms suggests a love that’s both uplifting and encompassing, offering both safety and freedom. Kehlani expresses her vulnerability in “I’ll tell you all my secrets if you promise to keep us in love,” showing that her openness is contingent on the assurance of a lasting bond.

Ultimately, “Next 2 U” communicates the idea that the presence and commitment of a loved one are paramount, worth any challenge. Kehlani’s declaration of tattooing angel wings “just in case” underscores a readiness to protect this bond, indicating that even in absence, she carries the strength of their love. This song, with its mix of deep affection and bold declarations, shows that love, in its truest form, is both a sanctuary and a force to be reckoned with.

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