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Meaning of ‘Come & Go’ by ‘Juice WRLD’ feat. Marshmello

Released: 2020 • Features: Marshmello

Just like a gut-punching emotional rollercoaster, “Come & Go” by Juice WRLD and Marshmello, takes us through the turbulence of Juice’s intimate struggles and victories. This lyrical journey reveals the duality of human nature and the constant battle between self-doubt and self-improvement.

The opening lines, “I try to be everythin’ that I can/But sometimes I come out as being nothin'”, lay bare Juice’s raw vulnerability and constant strive for self-betterment. This self-effacing honesty sets the tone for the entire song, offering a candid glance into his personal voyage of ups and downs. The line “I pray to God that He make me a better man, uh/Maybe one day, I’ma stand for somethin'” underscores his determination to morph into a more evolved version of himself; one that stands for something meaningful.

When Juice raps – “I offer you my love, I hope you take it like some medicine,” – he’s tossing us this gem of a confession. He’s spitting about the curative powers love can hold, implying that his affection could potentially provide healing and solace to the one he loves.

The chorus, “I don’t wanna ruin this one/This type of love don’t always come and go”, iterates his fear and anxiety about spoiling a meaningful connection or relationship. This is not your run-of-the-mill affection; it’s rare and precious, and Juice doesn’t want to mess it up. He’s aware that such profound bonds don’t easily fade away.

Bringing the stark realities of dependency and loneliness into the narrative, Juice details the unhealthy coping behaviors with “We take drugs, then you hold me close/Then I tell you how you make me whole”. He’s putting his whole vibe out by admitting how substance use serves as a band-aid solution to the internal struggles and relational voids he grapples with.

Perhaps one of the most powerful lines in the song, “My mistakes probably wipe all the rights I’ve done”, highlights Juice’s struggle with guilt and self-doubt. Here, he’s stating that his past errors might overshadow or nullify all of his positive deeds.

“Come & Go” is a bittersweet symphony of self-doubt, redemption, and primal love. Rooted deeply in Juice’s personal experiences, the lyrics serve up raw emotions wrapped in a catchy beat, making it a shining piece in the realm of hip-hop.

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