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Meaning of ‘Crypto’ by ‘Takeoff’ feat. Rich The Kid

Released: 2022 • Features: Rich The Kid

“Crypto” by Takeoff, featuring Rich The Kid, is a confident and boisterous declaration of financial independence, newfound wealth, and an appreciation for the potential of cryptocurrency for changing the game. The song cleverly intertwines street life elements with technological advancements, showing the coexistence of the traditional and the new-age within the hip-hop scene.

In the first verse, Takeoff delivers a nod to his newfound interest in the world of crypto, hinting at the lucrative potential it brings, “She want the info (she do) / I wanna talk about crypto”. The reference to “Bron when he threw the elbow” is an homage to LeBron James, underscoring a level of fierceness and determination akin to the NBA legend’s style on the court. The “20 chickens in the kitchen” line is clever wordplay – ‘chickens’ is often a hip-hop slang term for money, indicating his financial prosperity.

When Rich The Kid hops on the track, he serves up a verse filled with flexes about his wealth, from dropping half a million on a wristwatch to discussing an adventurous night with a woman. The line “She flip on the dick, she a mo’fucking gymnast” leverages a cheeky double entendre, comparing a woman’s sexual prowess to the athleticism of a gymnast. He then uses the classic nursery rhyme “Eenie meenie miney moe” to underscore his player lifestyle.

The chorus repeatedly hammers home the main theme of the song – the importance of ‘crypto’ (short for cryptocurrency) as a symbol of financial independence and modern wealth. This reinforces the song’s underlying narrative of embracing the latest technological trends to navigate the economic landscape, a prevalent theme in contemporary hip-hop.

The song ends with the hook and part of the first verse, reiterating Takeoff’s interest in cryptocurrency, his determination to accumulate wealth, and his readiness to engage in the grind necessary to succeed. “My fingers itchin’ ’cause of benjees” is a clear nod to his growing wealth and the desire for more. But it’s not just about money – it’s about power, influence, and overcoming obstacles, a sentiment echoed throughout hip-hop’s history.

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