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Meaning of the song ‘Casper’ by ‘Takeoff’

Released: 2018

Takeoff’s track “Casper” paints a picture of luxury and supremacy, showcasing the rapper’s lavish lifestyle and his dominance in the game. The title itself is a metaphor for the Rolls-Royce Wraith he’s ghost-riding, a car he repeatedly flaunts as a symbol of his success, while also firing shots at detractors and competitors.

The opening verse sets up Takeoff’s carefree and glamorous lifestyle; he’s got a desirable woman (“Bad bitch / Small waist, pretty face”), and he’s living on his own terms (She let me nut on her face). The decision he’s making of what to do today? Ghost ride the Wraith. Ghost-riding, a term borrowed from the Bay Area street culture, means to let a vehicle move by itself while the driver dances around it or on top of it, but he’s metaphorically using it to describe cruising around in his expensive car without care in the world.

“Thinking about copping that Don today” implies Takeoff might buy another Rolls-Royce model, the Dawn – another testament to his wealth. He refers to himself as Casper, presumably in reference to the friendly ghost from children’s cartoons, because of how he ghost rides his Wraith. However, it’s not all about the flashy cars, Takeoff shouts out his late grandmother, Jenna, declaring that her spirit and guidance can’t be replaced.

The rapper also makes it clear he’s ready to stand his ground in the face of adversity. “No I ain’t gon’ hide the K / ‘Cause I know I’m who they after” – The “K” here represents a “kilo” (a measure of weight often used in drug transactions) or a “Kay” (slang for AK-47 assault rifle). His defiance is clear: he’s not hiding, whether it’s the wealth symbolized by kilos or the power and danger symbolized by an AK. He’s also game to make more money, demanding an “Extra twenty” for any featuring he does, highlighting his demand in the industry.

In the second verse, Takeoff continues to flaunt his wealth and status. He quickly disses others who brag about their Rolls-Royce cars noting that their models are from 2008 while his is the latest. The line “No flash, but the ice on fleek” drives this point home. “Ice” is a common term in hip-hop for jewelry, especially diamonds, and “on fleek” is slang for looking perfect. Even without flashing lights, his diamonds are so perfect that they shine regardless.

Despite his success, Takeoff doesn’t forget his fallen friends, riding with “heat” (firearms) for them. He also underlines his rebel status with the line “Fuck 12, nigga fast on feet”. “12” is slang for the police, and being “fast on feet” means he can escape the law quickly. In the line “Cartel get the bag dirt cheap”, he alludes to his crew, Migos, moving their product (whether music or possibly drugs from an earlier era) at high volumes for low prices, akin to a cartel.

In conclusion, “Casper” is a flex track that glorifies Takeoff’s opulent lifestyle – filled with lucrative endorsement deals, multi-million dollar mansions, and supercars, while highlighting his street cred, rebel attitude, and deep appreciation of his roots and the people who supported him in his come-up.

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