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Meaning of ‘Deep’ by ‘Summer Walker’

Released: 2018

Right off the bat, “Deep” by Summer Walker is a deep dive into the complexities of a relationship that’s too intense to simply end but is also causing more pain than peace. Walker lays it all out, mixing vulnerability with the harsh truths of love and self-preservation. It’s like she’s walking us through the battle between her heart and mind, a place many of us have been.

Starting with the lines “Trust me, trust me / I don’t like being alone”, Walker pulls us into the emotional whirlpool many feel when they’re clinging to the remnants of a relationship. She’s dealing with loneliness and the temptation to reach out, which hits real hard for anyone who’s been on that late-night feelings train. But then, she switches gears with “I’m just tryna balance my space / I’m just tryna protect my space, oh”. Here, she’s laying down the complexity of wanting to keep someone close but needing to guard her peace and personal growth.

The chorus hits with “‘Cause we’re way too in love, just to fuck and let go / ‘Cause we’re way too involved, just to cut and not call / Way too in deep”. This is the heart of the song, where Walker confesses the depth of their entanglement. It’s more than just physical; it’s emotional, it’s mental – they’re in deep. This part lays out that confusing space where you can’t stay but can’t leave because everything feels too intertwined.

The outro of the song, “Wish I could call, wish I could call and go home / Oh, no, no, no, we can’t even let it go”, has Summer battling between the desire to return to her lover and the realization that they can’t keep going in circles. It’s a poignant end to a song that’s all about the push and pull of a relationship that’s deep in both love and turmoil.

Through “Deep”, Summer Walker isn’t just singing a song; she’s telling a story that’s all too familiar to many – the struggle of letting go when everything within you wants to hold on. And she does it with a raw honesty that only she can, making the song a memorable track for anyone who’s ever found themselves too deep in love and too scared to leave.

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