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Meaning of ‘Girls Need Love’ by ‘Summer Walker’ feat. Drake

Released: 2018

At first listen, “Girls Need Love” by Summer Walker, featuring Drake, might seem like a sultry R&B confession, but it goes beyond that. This track reflects a young woman’s longing for genuine affection, physical intimacy, and emotional connection, while also challenging societal norms that often label these desires as taboo for women.

In the first verse, Summer reveals her frustration with societal norms in lyrics like, “Girls can’t never say they want it… Girls can’t never say now.” She’s pointing out that women often feel unable to express their desires, whether it’s for affection or physical intimacy – things perceived as reserved for men. “I just need some dick” and “I just need some love” may seem explicit, yet Summer’s boldness gives her the power to articulate and own her needs.

The chorus, “Give it to me like you need it, baby…” exposes Summer’s demand for reciprocity in a relationship, including the bedroom, challenging the idea that women should only be the receivers and not the initiators.

On the other hand, Drake steps in from a male perspective, acknowledging and supporting Summer’s sentiments. Lyrics like, “Pleasure not meant for one side” and “Girls need love too, I know” show Drake’s validation of Summer’s candor, reinforcing that it’s okay for girls to voice and act upon their desires. This verse is critical as it not only amplifies Summer’s message but also encourages men to be more understanding and supportive.

Overall, “Girls Need Love” shapes itself as a rallying anthem for female empowerment. It pushes against societal expectations and invites women to freely express their desires without fear of judgment, while also beckoning men to be better partners.

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