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Meaning of ‘Deja Vu’ by ‘Logic’ feat. DJ Drama

Released: 2024

Logic’s “Deja Vu,” featuring DJ Drama, isn’t just a track; it’s a deep dive into Logic’s psyche, dealing with identity, success, and the heavy burdens that come with fame. Logic isn’t just rapping; he’s unpacking his life’s journey, touching on everything from racial identity to mental health.

Right off the bat, Logic confronts how he’s perceived based on his biracial identity, tackling derogatory terms head-on. He’s essentially saying, “I’ve heard it all, and I’m still standing.” Then, he shifts gears to talk about the rap game’s pressures and how it’s been both a blessing and a curse. He mentions making a fortune but still dealing with depression, breaking the stereotype that money solves everything. The mention of “stealth mode like Ellie in Hillcrest” is a nod to survival and staying under the radar, possibly referencing The Last of Us video game character Ellie. This line illustrates Logic’s need to navigate the complexities of fame while keeping his inner peace.

The song’s core delves into Logic’s battle with anxiety, despite his success. He emphasizes that outward success doesn’t necessarily equate to internal happiness, a theme many can relate to. The line “gripping this grain” likely refers to holding onto something real amidst the chaos of fame. When Logic talks about not wanting a Grammy but rather wanting to raise a family and criticizing rappers that mimic others, he’s advocating for authenticity over accolades.

He drops names like Eminem, Jay-Z, and Nas as benchmarks of success and influence, showing respect while asserting his place among them. The reference to “Homicide” highlights Logic’s collaborative track with Eminem, symbolizing his ability to hold his own with the greats. Logic doesn’t hold back in declaring his impact, with lines about influencing a generation and innovating the rap genre. He revisits his past, acknowledging his struggles but also his growth and success.

The recurring “fade away” throughout the song serves as a haunting reminder of mortality and legacy. Despite the inevitability of fading away, Logic wants his name and impact to linger. DJ Drama’s outro adds a layer of introspection, challenging perceptions and acknowledging the unexpected paths to greatness.

In “Deja Vu,” Logic and DJ Drama craft a narrative that’s both reflective and forward-looking, questioning societal norms while celebrating personal victories. It’s a raw, real look into Logic’s journey, blending introspection with a firm statement of his enduring legacy in the hip-hop world.

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