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Meaning of the song ’44ever’ by ‘Logic’

Released: 2024

“44ever” by Logic is an unapologetic celebration of his journey in the rap game, reflecting on his fame, his haters, and his triumphs while confidently asserting his skills and status in the hip-hop industry. The overarching theme is progression, resilience, and his uncanny, unmatchable rap ability.

Cracking the verses open, we see Logic opening up with a shout out to his loyal supporters: “This for my day ones, fuck about a fake one” — a homage to those who have backed him since the inception of his career. Word to his haters, he isn’t interested; his eyes are set on his true fans and his craft.

The line “Post give me that good shit” alludes to his friendship with Post Malone, while “hotter than Teflon, sippin’ liquor with Efron” is a metaphorical flex of his hotness in the game, and his hobnobbing with high-profile celebrities like Zac Efron.

Moving into the heart of the song, Logic likens himself to Mick Jagger in his peak years and Kung Fu Kenny a.k.a. Kendrick Lamar – widely esteemed figures in their respective music spheres.

Lines like “Bobby Boy bringin’ that kick like Kung Fu Kenny, not many can fuck with me//A lot of you fuck with me, and I’m grateful they stuck with me,” reflect a deep appreciation for fan loyalty but also his self-assured belief in his tremendous talent and impact on the hip-hop scene.

Up next, Logic addresses critics, peers, and followers who are constantly watching his moves with, “Watchin’ every single move I make like you just got that LASIK//But you all on that fake shit” — a regular theme in hip-hop where success attracts both admirers and detractors.

The bold “I could give a motherfuck ’bout the rap game, the game//The game, now I’m finally free” exhibits Logic’s evolved approach to his art and the industry, asserting his independence and freedom from the binds of industry politics and expectations. In his mind, he’s soaring above the game.

In conclusion, “44ever” serves as Logic’s self-made podium where he reminisces on his journey, appreciates his loyal fanbase, flexes his status and achievements, critiques and dismisses shallow industry antics and culminates with a declaration of his creative independence. His recurrent use of the number ’44’, a number significant to his career (think ’44 Bars’, ’44 More’), underpins Logic’s sense of indomitable victory and his place in the annals of hip-hop.

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