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Meaning of ‘Demons’ by ‘Doja Cat’

Released: 2024

“Demons” by Doja Cat is a fierce declaration of her rise to success and the transformation that comes with it. The song explores themes of empowerment, triumph over adversity, and the changes in people’s perceptions once you’ve made it big. Doja Cat uses her lyrics to assert her dominance and confront her critics, all while showcasing her unapologetic confidence.

The opening lines set the tone with Doja emphasizing how her life has changed now that her “pockets full.” By asking “How my demons look?” she’s questioning how her past struggles and insecurities appear now that she’s achieved success. This is a bold assertion about overcoming her inner demons and the critical haters who doubted her.

When she says, “I am on to bigger things, I just bought a limousine,” she’s flexing her new lavish lifestyle. Quitting nicotine and dismissing anyone who isn’t bringing their best (“That shit should be big at least”) shows her commitment to self-improvement. The line “You should bring your skis” cleverly hints at the extreme highs and lows she’s capable of, showing her readiness to face any situation head-on.

Calling herself a “fuckin’ queen” and saying “I am expeditiously” highlights her supreme confidence and rapid ascent in the music industry. She makes it clear she won’t be fooled around with; “I would never let you in my V.I.P. / We are enemies, we are foes” draws a line between herself and those who don’t support her. The mention of “Percocet got you playing with your nose” is a knock at those who turn to drugs instead of facing reality.

Reiterating “How my demons look” in the hook underscores her triumph despite the challenges. She’s asking the haters how they feel now that she’s successful, making them face the reality of her achievements.

In the next verse, she refers to herself as a “puppet,” “sheep,” and “cash cow,” showing how the industry tries to mold and control her. The phrase “fastest-growing bitch on all your apps now” is a nod to her quick rise to fame and her omnipresence in the digital age. Her haters are “tired” and “mad” because she is constantly in the spotlight, showing her awareness of the jealousy her success breeds.

The lines about people “sleeping” on her and now saying she raps, as well as claiming to have met her in the past, reflect her rise from underestimated to undeniable. “I done took the spotlight and made ’em black out” indicates she’s now the center of attention.

The graphic imagery in “I done took the whole dick and blew my back out” and “swallowed all his kids and spit the class out” is a bold, unapologetic reference to sexual prowess and dealing with industry pressures. The final lines, “I’m finna cash out, uh / Bitch, do not pass out,” reiterate her focus on wealth and the hustle, ending the song on a note of dominance and relentless ambition.

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