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Meaning of ‘Diles’ by ‘Bad Bunny’ feat. Various Artists

Released: 2016

Bad Bunny’s “Diles” featuring Ozuna, Farruko, Arcángel, Ñengo Flow, DJ Luian, and Mambo Kingz, is all about that steamy vibe and late-night confessions. The song lives in the world of explicit desire and raw passion, as the artists narrate their experiences and prowess in the bedroom.

Starting off with “Prende otro phillie, bebé,” Bad Bunny is lighting up another joint, setting the mood for what’s coming. He mentions going for the fourth round—“Vamos para el cuarto polvo”—emphasizing that this is part of an ongoing saga. The repetition of “Diles” (tell them) sends a message for the listener to acknowledge his abilities to satisfy.

In Farruko’s verse, he contrasts himself with the girl’s current partner by saying, “Tu novio viste de Old Navy, yo sí tengo flow,” pointing out that he’s more stylish and has better charisma. He’s confident in his handling of the situation, showing no hesitation about fulfilling the girl’s needs—“Me llamas y yo adentro te la echo.”

Moving to Arcángel, he’s just as brash, wanting her to “Ven y súbete en la torre.” His dirty talk and explicit instructions highlight the dominant-submissive dynamic, ensuring she reaches her peak pleasure with his methods—“Que te hago todo lo que necesitas pa hacerte venir.”

Ozuna follows, emphasizing the physicality with lines like “Haciendo detener el tiempo, este es el mejor momento.” He takes control, wanting her in various positions—“Poses en cuatro, encima o de lao”—showing versatility and intense intimacy.

Bad Bunny then transitions into creating a private world within a car, emphasizing secrecy with “Cristales tinteados, nadie nos va a ver.” It’s all about not wasting time—“Pinchea el hotel.” He ties up his verse by discussing a joint that enhances the mood—“Prendió un krippy y se puso Lucía.”

The chorus repetitively states how these artists know their partner’s favorite positions and how their dirty talk excites them. The explicit nature and rawness in the lyrics emphasize their confidence in their skills and the intense experiences they offer. Bad Bunny, Farruko, and the others bring this heat, each in their unique style, making “Diles” a standout track in the reggaeton trap genre.

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