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Meaning of ‘MIA’ by ‘Bad Bunny’ feat. Drake

Released: 2018

Bad Bunny and Drake’s “MIA” is a fiery declaration of possessive love. The song revolves around the theme of exclusivity, with both artists asserting that their romantic interest belongs solely to them, despite the attention she receives from others. It’s a confident and passionate anthem about loyalty and maintaining a unique bond in the face of external pressure.

The song kicks off with Bad Bunny establishing the scenario: “Todos están pendente’ a ti” means “Everyone is watching you,” but despite that, she’s all about him. This opening sets the tone, highlighting the jealousy others have towards their relationship. Bad Bunny points out the irony – everyone wants a shot, but she’s not easily swayed by just anybody. He ends with a promise to seek her out.

The chorus, “Dile que tú eres mía, mía,” translates to “Tell them you’re mine, mine.” Drake and Bad Bunny emphasize her loyalty by recalling her affirmation during intimate moments. The repetition reinforces the idea that despite external pressures, her loyalty lies with them.

In Drake’s verse, he romanticizes their connection, “Bebé, yo soy fan de tu caminar.” He’s captivated by her walk and is willing to give everything he has, even his breath. They’re so close that not even death could separate them. The imagery Drake uses, like comparing her eyes to Adderall that helps him focus, paints a vivid picture of the depth of his admiration.

Bad Bunny steps back in to assert his dominance over potential rivals: “Yo soy tu Romeo, pero no Santo,” meaning he’s like Romeo but not Saint, setting himself apart from other suitors. His confidence is tangible: he’s aware that many women want him since he became a star, but his loyalty remains with her alone. The reference to “forty” emphasizes he’s willing to protect his position fiercely.

The bridge brings in a nostalgic element, reminiscing about simpler times: “Dile que tú eres mía desde la high,” meaning she’s been his since high school. The line about being her mom’s favorite says a lot about their deep-rooted connection. It’s a throwback to when material symbols like Jordans and Nikes defined coolness and status.

The song wraps up by reiterating the chorus, reinforcing the theme of loyalty and exclusive love. Both artists demand that she asserts her allegiance to them, beating out all the competition. “MIA” is a bold proclamation of love intertwined with a possessive undertone, fueled by their certainty in their bond.

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