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Meaning of ‘Flex’ by ‘Polo G’ feat. Juice WRLD

Released: 2020

Features: Juice WRLD

“Flex” by Polo G featuring Juice WRLD is a bold declaration of the artists’ rise from the streets to stardom. The song captures themes of hustle, success, and loss, reflecting a harsh reality that shaped them amid the glamour of their newfound wealth and fame. The lyrics celebrate their triumph over adversity while also acknowledging the friends they’ve lost along the way.

In the opening verse, Polo G dives into the ethos of his life: “Natural born hustler, nigga, stuntin’ is my strong suit.” The term ‘hustler’ in hip-hop culture often refers to someone striving to make it, be it through legal or illegal means. As the verse progresses, Polo G delves into his past life “in the slums”, making a reference to the difficult conditions in places like Haiti, known for its historical and ongoing struggles.

Beyond reminiscing on his past life, Polo G doesn’t shy away from embracing his current success, rather he celebrates it: “Flexin’ with a hundred cash, look at what these songs do.” Here, Polo G relishes in the money and influence he’s amassed through his music.

Arguably, one of the most telling lines in the song is, “He gon’ have to take a loss, some my niggas gone too.” This points to the consequences of life on the streets. Despite the wealth and fame, Polo G hasn’t forgotten his roots and the friends he’s lost along the way.

The line, “Got a lot to lose, still can’t be scared to take it there,” further underscores Polo G’s mindset of being willing to risk it all, even at the height of his career. His history and upbringing have instilled in him a fearlessness that continues to drive his actions, despite the stakes being much higher now.

The chorus iterates the same central themes of hustle, the risks and realities of street life, and the material gains of his music career. The recurring references to “steppers” (street term for a shooter or gang member) and “Wet shit like the Warriors” (a basketball team known for their shooting) use clever wordplay to blend the aspects of his past and present lives.

The verse featuring Juice WRLD amplifies the theme of transformation. Juice speaks about moving from “dialing from a trap phone” to performing “show after show,” illustrating his transition from street life to success in the music industry. The lyrics also show his vigilant defiance against opponents (“the opps”) and dangers, even hinting at spiritual protection (“pray to God that my money stay long”).

Overall, “Flex” serves as a testament to Polo G and Juice WRLD’s journey, grappling with the duality of their past and present, the gritty struggle and the shiny opulence, all blending into their unique brand of hip-hop.

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