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Meaning of the song ‘Sorrys & Ferraris’ by ‘Polo G’

Released: 2024

“Sorrys & Ferraris” by Polo G is a compelling narrative of a journey from hustling on the streets to the lavish life of fame and fortune, all the while addressing the changing relationships and the costs of success. The slick beat combined with the melodic and recollected tone of Polo G tells a tale of resilience, toughness, and survival.

We jump right into the story with Polo reminiscing about his early days hustling (‘chase a bag’) on the curb. He pays homage to ‘Durb,’ likely a fallen associate, asserting that his flashy lifestyle is a tribute to those left behind. He talks about shaking off ‘dirt,’ a metaphor for his past struggles and hardships, right before his career ‘took off.’

However, the fame brings both sorrys and Ferraris. The ‘sorrys’ likely stands for past friends and acquaintances apologizing to him in an attempt to get back in his good graces after his success. The Ferraris, symbolize the wealth and luxury his stardom has brought him. However, Polo G continues and mentions ‘pistol spittin’ like Eminem,’ a clever play on words referring to both Eminem’s rapid-fire rapping style and the violent world from which he emerged. The ‘steppers’ Polo G mentions are people ready to act on his orders, indicating his status within his circle.

The line ‘They love you when you shinin’, where was you when all this shit was dim?’ is Polo G calling out individuals who only moved closer to him after he gained fame, yet were nowhere to be found during his struggles. His distrust of these people is also echoed in the line ‘miss me with that brother shit,’ outrightly rejecting their false camaraderie. Polo G also references his involvement with crime (‘I done murders on that block’) and his unwavering loyalty to his friends (‘Free Trench’). He also hints at reliance on drugs to cope with loneliness, a potent commentary on the harsh reality behind the glitz and glamour of fame.

In the last verse, Polo G shares his take on success: even with his substantial achievements, he still feels he hasn’t done enough, indicating his ambitious nature. He talks about trauma from his past life, the exhilaration of running from the law, and the constant need to protect his wealth. He concludes on a tough note, shutting out disloyal friends and vowing to remember those who tried to bring him down twice.

In essence, “Sorrys & Ferraris” is a narrative of transition, a nod to Polo G’s roots, and a recognition of the trials of success. It’s a complex cocktail of ambition, distrust of disloyal associates, and the struggle to find genuine human connection amidst the blaring sirens of fame.

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